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How Much Gains Or Losses Your Watch(es)


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Just wondering,

How much looses or gains your watch?

I have a poljot shturmanski with the 3133 movement and it gains about 15 secs a day....

I am especially interested in the automatic movements...

since that will probably be my next purchase...



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The ones I own are all Swiss ETA 2824-2 powered and seem quite acurate when I have kept them wound up for a week or more, but I'm not to obssesed with it as the most I ware one for is the weekend using a quartz "beater" in the week.

The only inacurate one I have owned was powered by a Miyota movement but I sold it as I only wanted the bracelet off it.


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First of all, make sure your auto is fully wound before even thinking of regulating it.

You should wear it for a good day before trying to regulate it.

I don't think Poljots are generally as accurate as high beat ETA's like 2824/2836's.

15 s per day is a bit on the high side, and I've usually managed no worse than 4 s per day on the ETA's and 762S's. I don't think the Russian movements are quite the same quality, although there are some enthusiasts here who will no doubt be able to boast some good accuracies with some of their Poljots/Vostoks. I still keep an open mind on this!!

I have several watches running at better than 1 s + per day, but these are ETA movements. The fine regulator screws on these Swiss movements are superb, as are the higher end Seikos.

For a non chronometer mechanical movement the time variation is considered normal within a tolerance of -5/+20 s per day. You may not get much better than 15 s on a Poljot. cool.gif

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Griff is right you have to get them wound up fully. My amazing vostok! is just the way it came. I have another that lost about 15 secs a day but after constant wearing for a couple of weeks it settled down at less than 10 which is all I look for. A minute a week is fine by me. Mind you I hardly ever wear a watch for a whole week. My work watch gets worn every day for 6 days maximum and then is left to run down for 3 days or more depending on my shifts. I pick it up waggle it to get it going (so annoying you can't manually wind the 7S26) and then set it and by the end of 6 days it will be a maximum of 12 seconds fast!

I'll have to set my 3133's wind them up and see how they do over 24 hours.

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...........runs about +3 secs a day on my wrist.................

I keep coming across this "on the wrist" phrase, when reading watch reviews, or opinions on auto-watches' acurracy.

I 've also noticed that my Citizen promaster 1000m diver will gain a good 11 sec each day if left alone, while it will lose approx. 1sec on my wrist (there, i used it myself, too! )

Does wearing a self-winding watch, or not, make any difference on its accuracy?

Or, better put, SHOULD it make a difference?

And, one last thing: do automatic watches keep better time when fully wound, or is there no difference?

(go easy on me mates, I'm a newbie on mechanicals, not only on the forum laugh.gif )



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Dev I am not an expert ... there are others on the forumfor that are better qualified. However,the gain or loss will depend on the position of the watch, while it may gain 11 seconds a day in its usual storage position, it will be different in another position. On the wrist the watch is in many positions, by the way 1 second a day is very very good.

As far as the fully wound thing is concerned some movements (ETA 2824-2 for example) seem to keep better time when fully wound.

So you are OK .... and normal!

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I reckon it makes sense to let a new watch run in for a while before getting it regulated. Poljot quote a plus or minus figure as do Vostok, mine have always been well within the maker's specs.

Most watches will settle down after a couple of months any way. I wouldn't bother getting one regulated unless it was grossly out and certainly not when new.

I don't think any was Roy sells will be too far a drift any way.

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Ofcourse it's interesting to know if your watch is more or less accurate when not on the wrist,

but what counts is on the wrist ofcourse...

no use for a watch thats dead accurate lying on the desk but is completely confused when on the wrist.

so only "wrist accuracy counts".

personaly I think about 15 seconds in 24 hours is about the max.

Pg, whats the score with your poljots so far? smile.gif


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Well if you ask an expert (which I am not) they will say a good watchmaker will ask you about your lifestyle to get a sense of how you wear your watch and the regulate it to match as near as is possible. So if you sit at a desk for 8 hours a day and then put the watch dial up on the bedside table at night he'll work on getting those two positions bang on! Maybe bollox for all I know though.

Gregor as for my Poljot's. I woung them at 11.30 am and just checked them at 8.30 pm so 9 hours sat crown up.

My newish blue one is running 57 seconds fast in 9 hours ! eek.gif I'll have to double check this reset and try again as I may have had the minutes hand out by a minute (I hope).

My vintage freebie of Alex is ...... wait for it..... 5 seconds fast in 9 hours! so about 13 secs in the day.

It's been fun! On my next day off I'll wear them all day and see what the on the wrist timing is.

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Right every body say PG's a TWAT!

Reset the blue one at exactly 9 pm last light so I made sure I got the minutes hand correct!

at 8.45 am this morning it has gained.........

One Second! In fact possibly only 1/2 of 1 second a bit hard to be exact on the small seconds! smile.gif

Oh I'm a happy bunny with that biggrin.gif

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