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Congratulations to all those putting a personal web site together....

...for your viewing pleasure, I've resurrected my last web site that I had under my old BTInternet account...it was last updated in 2001 and the mailto links point to my old email address, so don't use that...but apart from that, everything else works I think...

...I used it 1) publicise my interest in Ariel Motorcycles and 2) to test my web programming skills; go to the Programming link, I'm quite proud of some of this stuff, having written the Java code long before Java really took off. Team Data Ltd was my one-man consultancy company --- now defunct due to IR35 fyou.gif . I still have my Ariels, but the BSAs and Sunbeams have long since been sold. I will get round to doing a clock/watch site but it's finding the time... smile.gif . If you trawl around this site long enough, you'll see a (younger) picture of me fear.gif

I've uploaded it to my http://www.horology.info site. I own this domain name but it has no content yet --- I just use it to host images for RLT and other forums.

Finally, if anyone wants help/advice etc on web site building, I'm more than happy to help...just drop me a PM.

Try it ---> HERE!



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Now that's a web site ohmy.gifwink.gif

I pay for a couple of domain names; other than my AOL Hometown domains - never got round to doing anything with them .... is there any easy to use software for building web sites?

I used Microsoft Publisher for my modest effort.

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Hi John,

Is Microsoft Publisher free, I can't remember??

Microsoft FrontPage is good but I think it will cost you...it's my favorite.

NetObjects Fusion is also another popular one...

I get the 2 major computer monthlys with free CDs on front...they often have free older versions of the s/w...PM me your address and I send you some CDs etc....same applies to others.

At the end of the day, I'm a firm believer of getting your fingers dirty and writing the code using Notepad...but I understand that is not everyones idea of fun.



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I'm a firm believer of getting your fingers dirty and writing the code using Notepad...but I understand that is not everyones idea of fun.



sad.gif you can say that again Paul!

I have MS FP but am using a simple programme called viapage at the moment. Am looking at your site now. cool.gif

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I use HotMetal4 I got it free on a magazine some time back I think you really need a book with it though, it's good fun and I think "hands on" is the best way to learn anything.




To name just 3, once you'r into it it gets easier, especially if you follow the same format eek.gif


Recently gone on broadband mainly 'cos my wife has developed an un healthy love of E-Bay and it's the only way I could get my share of WWW. I would heartily recomend it if only for the speed, it costs me an extra tenner a month, worth every penny.

Just thought I'd mention it for anyone who cannot decide wether to take the plunge.

"Come on it, the waters lovely" laugh.gif

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I had to have a go.rolleyes.gif

I have uploaded the home page and don't know how I managed it. I haven't really read the instructions to Netobjects Fusion 7 but I've got this far. blink.gif

Having been proficient in Amiga Dos some years ago I should read the book I have on HTML but I can't be arsed, I'm getting (am) old.

This took about ten minutes using Fusion 7 without reading the instructions properly, nice programme for lazy sod's like me. Seems like a good solution for many of us. wink.gif

When I get the time I'll have a real go but for now have a shufty at this.


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I got Fusion 7 from a customer who bought it and didn't like it, for a good price. smile.gif

He is a web site builder and he likes the prog but it won't let him play with stuff.

He has something that costs four times the price that lets him play with stuff I don't even understand. blink.gif Whatever!

Don't know what the law is on used software but as he isn't using it, doesn't still have a copy and has paid for it I guess it's Ok? Wtf!

I don't think we've stolen anything from anyone as I'm the only one using this copy with a legal serial?

I stand to be corrected and will abide by any ruling UK law. wink.gif

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Ta John,

I was worried about that. wink.gif

You know what I'm like, bit of a blouse. rolleyes.giflaugh.giflaugh.gif

If I get some time I will try to do a bit more with this software, all I need to do is put some pictures of watches on the interweb and post a few useful links.

Nowt fancy, just some information that might be interesting for kindred soul's. wink.gif

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