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Sunday Oldie

mach 0.0013137

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OK this time I am posting in the right forum :rolleyes:

I know I`m early but I don`t care, I`ve just found this interesting advert... An Appreciation by Alex Henshaw (it takes a few seconds to load up)

For the short sighted amongst us the telegram reads...




Admit it that is way cooler then an endorsement by some fictious `Secret Agent` :lol:

Well if it was good enough for Alex it`s certainly good enough for me so I`ll be wearing this when I get up in the morning B)

"Services" Despatch Rider (Luminous Dial), pin-pallet movement circa 1930s

(Probably assembled for the Services Watch Co. Leicester by an at present unknown German company)


BTW for info on Alex Henshaw see.. HERE :wink2:

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I'm wearing this, and have been since yesterday.

Bought from here a little while ago but I'd only worn it once after breaking the buckle taking it off after its first outing on my wrist. Dope!

Its very comfy and easy to read. I wasn't sure about it when I bought it because its fairly small, but now I really like it and its older than me :lol:

1950's Eterna Automatic


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What an absolutely fabulous watch - and, as you say, endorsed by a real 30s dude not a make-believe one (however cool he may be). I love that crown and the push-button timer (if that's what it is). The dial is great. The hands are even greaterer! Surely this must have been what Lieutenant Colonel Lawrence was wearing when he fell off

What's he got up his sleeve?


I know it's going off thread a little, but it is a Sunday so pointless diversions are pretty much what it's all about... Does anyone actually collect old poster-type watch adverts? I've got a few repro 30s transport posters - you know, flying boats, cable cars etc - and I love 'em. Didn't occur to me until now that there must be some fab watch adverts out there.

Love to see them if you've got any. And, if you haven't, where do you think we can find them??

(Yes, yes, one day I will have an old enough watch to join in this thread properly but for now...), Have a great Sunday.


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It's probably bad form to post another reply so quickly (shows a little too much energy on a wet Sunday morning) but I need to tell mach 0.0013137 (or 0.447038973 m/s as his friends call him) that if he ever even thinks about selling that watch I've been given unlimited funds by my very lovely wife.

She has no interest in watches (compared to most of us, anyway) but even she can see that this is a beauty. And then some :tongue2: :tongue2: :tongue2:

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Nice Junghans, I have this one with ceramic case :)


Thanks Livius, i really like the mega1, i had been lookin for one several months, til i get one at a price i could afford.

I like yours a lot too.... i am interested in get the full collection so i'll keep searching.

BTW i am looking for a new strap, it must be specific for this model, as you know it has the antenna inside the strap, anyone knows where can i get one???


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