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Who Want's A Cool Email Address ?

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Ok as you are all so good to me I am offering you a free email address and webspace to host your pictures to all members with over 500 posts.

I have just bought the domain www.wrist-watch.info.

So if you want an email address like :

Stan@wrist-watch.info or Alex@wrist-watch.info etc. etc.

Please reply with the name you would like and I'll sort it out this week. wink.gif

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Top Posters In This Topic

If its got a pop3 address or whatever its called i can access it through hotmail in any case ... i think .... huh.gif

It should have, I'll let you know more when I have set up the accounts in a couple of days. It takes time to set it all up on the server.

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Sounds a great idea Roy with the picture hosting access as well.

I'm assuming this is in addition to my normal email address?

I know nothing of this sort of computer boffinry. sad.gif

Naturally neil@wrist-watch.info would be my choice. smile.gif

And I'll need some help to sort it out. wink2.gif

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DavidH@.... please

It is time for a change, I think with 150-180 sperm emails a day!

Many thanks

Anti-spam software will be installed at server level.

I do not know how good this will be but we will see. wink.gif

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Outlook instructions.

When I have sent you your password, this is how to set up outlook.

Go to tools then accounts. Choose add and then mail.

Type in your display name ie : Roy Taylor


Then the email address : ??????@wrist-watch.info


Incoming mail : mail.wrist-watch.info

Outgoing mail is the one provided by your Dial Up provider, just look at one of your other email account for this setting if you do not know it.

Then you just need to enter your user name and password that I will send you.

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Ok I'm utterly lost - if it hasn't got a loose nut that I can tighten up with a spanner then it's beyond me completely ohmy.gif

I currently have a hotmail account (so I go to the Hotmail website to check my email). Would emails sent to this new address be accessed like that i.e. I visit a website enter my username (or email address) and password so that I can then check whatever mail has been sent to the wrist-watch.info address?

If so the sign me up as pauluspaolo@wrist-watch.info please biggrin.gif Many thanks for offering us this Roy - could mean the end to spam as Hotmail is inundated with it taz.gif

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