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To Many Watches ?


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I have about 30 or so watches, most of which never see the light of day.

I keep saying to myself after each one I buy, Thats it, no more, but I invariably see something I must have soon afterwards.

I don't even rotate mine.

I just buy them and put them away like a squirrel hoarding for the Winter.

I have a couple of watches I wear regularly so what is going on.

Is this a disease.

Do we have anyone qualified who can make a diagnosis of this behaviour.

I have other interests and hobbies but none as compulsive, in terms of buying, as watches.

How many watches do you have and do you think it's to many.

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About 28.

Have you sold your Omega SMP?

Some I don't seem to wear at all.

Two I wish I'd never bought, and probably never will wear.

It's a form of obsessive compulsion, fuelled by a genuine liking/passion for watches.

I almost, but not quite, have/had a similar passion for guns and knives, but I've had to put a brake on that, as it was getting out of hand.

I think I'm going to limit my watches to a max. of 35' ish!!

At least watches are harmless, as well as interesting!

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I was going to buy it for my son but when I got back to Andy he'd already outed it <_<

Talk about fast turnaround, put me to shame! :lol:

Only joking Andy.



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I have twelve watches. which ,for me, is just nice,Including a few pocket watches which started my interest in watches.

They seem to fall into two groups

The scruffy ones that I wear all the time and the shiney ones that only come out at night after everyone else is in bed.

I have went off pocket watches completely, probably because you can only use them if you are going to a fancy dress party.

I find it is hard to dispose of watches that are out of favor. Ebay is probably the place but I have never sold stuff there. All the registration and setting up is a bit of a barrier to me.

It would be nice be able to dispose of the junk and complete my wish list.

a seamaster 300 or tudor sub and speedmaster,which will be new or very nearly new. will complete my collection.

I dont really see myself as a serious collector, more a hoarder of good kit.

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I've got over 100, but less than 200. I've never really counted. I tell myself that since I'm unemployed I won't buy any more, but I still find myself looking. Hopefully I can resist the temptation. I've sold a few here and there, but even ones I haven't worn in years I can't bring myself to sell. What can I say? I'm sick!

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