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Zeitner Commando (dont Laugh)

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:dummyspit: I was just wondering what peoples thoughts were on the said watch,I have moved on since then, I now own a seamaster crono and a TAG Carrera automatic. but when I used to wear the Zeitner I did get a lot of good comments from people I was just wanting to know the thoughts of more experienced watch owners and those in the trade, I have recently had the zeitner serviced and to say its been worn hard over the last 13 years it I think has proved a good buy :D

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Guest avidfan

my dad bought one about 10 years ago, they were advertised in a newspaper or magazine. i remember him liking it but after about a year he sold it a bought a seiko chronograph! so maybe that says something...

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I actually bought one - their Antarctic Chronograph (before I knew better) I think it was called. Really abused that watch, but the chronograph stopped working after a few years. I contacted the firm & then sent the watch in for repair. As they did not have the part they told me to choose any watch from their catalogue as a free replacement, I choose (stolen pic):


Which my father has worn constantly for >5 years, battered but still alive.

There are far better watches out there, but their CS was excellent.

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I had a Krug Baumen for 7 years before I retired.....it had 4 battery changes and never failed me.

At the same time I bought a Speedmaster Reduced (auto) for best and that went back to Omega 4 times in the first 6 months...the Omega was a BAG of CRAP


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We need pics... Ive no idea what youre on about... :/

Not a great picture, but a picture nonetheless:


i had this exact model that i bought from the carboot sales for three quid, it needed a battery and crystal, i replaced the battery, the crystal had a very small hole in the edge but still, it worked for a while then started to stop at the same time every night (around 11pm but strangely not at 11am :huh: )

the case and bracelet were very chunky and to my eyes was of a very sturdy construction, i think i still have it somewhere and would consider another if it wasn't for the HUGE price tag :lol: :lol:

i recall them being advertised at some ridiculous RRP (£500?? or something similar) but direct to you for a lot less :D

john :)

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