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RLT's Next Watch


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Well, it could have a - - - or maybe it would look good with a - - - - Oooh and a strap - no bracelet - and a - - would be nice, in blue and orange - or maybe red and yellow - - -

Not helping, am I? I DO like the suggestion it gets called the RLT 2010 - that's a good one! It should have a good movement whether it's auto, manual or quartz :yes:

Now to making it exclusive - what about an assymetrical case (sp) something like a Hamilton in some way, triangular (curved) or offset lugs, or an oval case, even a true "Curvex" style case, whatever, something different that can be spotted at 50 paces, and the two tone dial isn't a bad idea either. :notworthy:

I can suggest all this, 'cos Mrs mel won't let me spend the kind of money it would be likely to cost - - but one can dream :to_become_senile:

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40mm, manual or auto please :thumbup:


Cheers :)

That works for me :thumbup:

Me too!! Manual wind 45mm though and 24mm lugs... :bag:

I agree it would have to be manual wind, I`d prefer it less then 40mm but could cope with 45mm :P

I like it, but how about that dial and hand-set in a case similar to the so-called Omega "RAF" 1940 with rotating steel bezel :whistle:

If this (with or without the bezel) can me made with some WR then Im in. Id like it 42mm tho... and dont mind Ti if that comes up, it should be center secs and have good sized hands and preferrably an expensive dial finish, like porcelin/enamel.

It is a true classic design and adding RLT and England simply on it and letting the watch just do the rest (ie tell time) would make it a modern classic.

Does it need a date? if so it should be at 6 to balance up the 12 marker.

Crown, simple is good... this is a rugged and simple device.

Manual wind of course... but auto would be ok too.

Interested to see how this one comes along, good to hear from you Roy!

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I tend to like that vintage one. And yes in a 38-40mm. But with train track minute scale like the Omega. With simple hands no weird shapes.

Ah what the heck. Love the seconds track, has blue hands and are perfect shape, has aged style lume and text, well it is aged lol. Yep duplicate this one with new paint similar to the Kirowa piece white dial lume color! Heck just duplicate this one with no changes at all the font, pointy lil hands, long seconds hands, all hands long, blu a no brainer. Hard to get that bright white this is an enamel dial but can come close I'll bet. Not a lot of writing on the dial, perhaps a colored logo too, maybe to match the seconds hand dark red. England in small text at the bottom where Swiss is remove incabloc


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Like George (and others) I would like a pilot/IWC style too, a nice clear legible watch. So...sub 40mm is no good.

40/20mm minimum to 44/22mm maximum and I too would like an unusual second hand, should be a cost effective way to make the watch stand out.

Manual, auto, quartz, whatever.

Sub 40mm :thumbsdown:

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I think Jase is right, it doesn't need a date (Could be a deal breaker for some though I suppose). I like the idea of it in 42/22 and like James said, with England at the bottom where swiss usually lives. A simple 'RLT' at the top like 'IWC' would look great.

I love the blue steel hands and perhaps a domed acrylic crystal :ph34r:

How cool would an enamel dial be too. :yes: Is that even possible though?

Edit: Manual wind would be my choice too.

Edited by mjolnir
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Staying on an IWC theme, how about a revival/revamp of the RLT4/17? Always popular watches. And the result would be something that "fits in" and would be recogniseably RLT.

Use a more modern case style than RLT4, but something having the same IWC styling cues, change the movement to Unitas to provide a sub seconds hand, date is a must for me but would compromise for balance on the dial, good quality lumed arabic digits, nice tan or brown leather flieger strap. If you could include the rotating marker as well - Bonus!

Something like this IWC...

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Just as a matter of interest - what do people think about helping Roy out - and ourselves for that matter - with cash-flow matters, and paying a deposit and maybe also paying by subscription? Subscription watches are an age old tradition, particularly with Breguet, Tissot, etc., so this is nothing radical.

Dunno about you guys, but I suspect many of us simply don't have the disposable cash to suddenly have to pull out a few hundred quid on a new watch when it becomes available - RLT forum design or not - it's still a big decision for most of us. (I know it is for me these days.)

Once the design is more or less finalised most of us will know if we are "in" or not, so a suitable deposit would not be a huge risk, and then phased payments during the course of production.

Just a thought...

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How about a chronograph using an O&W Mirage type case but with a rotating GMT type bezel?

If the bezel were silver with black lettering it would look really cool. Also possibly do the chronograph circles on the dial (not sure what those bits are called?) in a contrasting colour.



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This is great Roy. Nothing excites us more than the prospect of an RLT project. :rltrlt:

Not sure how you're going to make sense out of all of this input, but some smashing and diverse ideas here. I suggest that it'll be most successful if you could plan from the beginning to offer a high degree of personalisation, with options for dial colour, hand sets, crystal type, bezel colours, date wheel colours, cyclops option etc etc. Opportunities for customization with extensive options is a pain production/stock-wise, but has proved incredibly successful for all sorts of brands and products from watches to cars.

You've left us guessing about what's in scope for this project, so we could be talking dress, diver, beater, chrono or other complication. A diver/beater will find the biggest market and be easiest to source, so with that in mind here are a few ideal parameters from me:



sans serrif arabic numerals

date wheel

plenty of lume

rotating outer ring

and some nice to haves:

lots of yummy scripting (double red?)

a spot of physical vapour would be interesting

a cylops option

crysal/coating options

a numbered case back

a catchy name


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