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Best Watch For The North Pole?

Andy the Squirrel

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Any mechanical watch might have problems with lubrication going sluggish in extremely low temperatures, and so, in theory a quartz with less moving parts should perform better - but then electronics can be affected by low temperatures also. :to_become_senile:

You can ask Commander Bond to stick one of his Rolly's in the freezer for a week or two, and then try a cheap quartz and see what comes off best? :yes:

I suspect there wouldn't be much in it in reality, after all, you'd only expose the watch long enough to read it - or your wrist would drop off with frostbite, and if your stuck there without any women, that would be a catastrophe :rofl:

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That's a bit of a tricky question Andy. Any watch can perform well in the Arctic if worn under your parka. Now, from personal experience in the Arctic regions in the 70's, I can tell you that my Accutron Deep Sea performed flawlessly while on the wrist of my wet suit under extreme conditions. My military issued Rolex Sub failed. That was then and I'm sure that improvements have been made over the years. BTW, putting a watch in a freezer will only subject the watch to minor sub zero temps. I take my beer out of the garage and put it in the fridge to warm it up. :P

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Not wanting to be argumentative but any watch can survive under a cozy down filled anorak. Glossy ads can be deceiving. Just my 2 cents.

Fine, then go to the North Pole with a T-shirt and G-shock on. I'm sure you'll be fine! :lol: :lol: :lol:


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More details here: My link

It has it's own little thermos like surrounding.

Saw one of these the other week in the window of a jewellers in Leeds. I thought it looked absurd, but didn't realise the outer case was removable... Quite like the white speedy that sits inside.

Think it was marked up at about £3.5k IIRC, so I moved along.....

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