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What Do You Drive? What Would You Like To Drive?

born t

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  • 2 years later...

well the worsed and 1sr cars have been done...what do you own now?

me...volvo 940 estate, 2.3 light pressure turbo with a boost controller fitted running around 200bhp and giving the saxo posse where i live something to think about at the traffic light grand prix lol!

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My MK1 996 GT3 Club Sport (pictured here in the savage compression of the Bomb hole at Snetterton)


I've had this car 3 years now & I'm still learning to drive it to it's limits. I'm getting close & the learning curve has certainly flattened out of late so when my mechanic said I needed new dampers I decided to dig deep & upgrade. I've just laid out nearly £2k :eek: for sexy new KW adjustable springs & dampers (being fitting next week).

Litterally can't wait until the 6th of March at Oulton Park when I'm on track for the first time since last October :)

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this old heap...

in the few months that i've owned it, it's cost more in repairs than what i actually paid for it :(

problems so far-

new clutch

cylinder head gasket, water pump and thermostat replaced

rear offside wheel bearing deafening me

rear offside bush collapsed

fuel pump kaput

two new nearside alloys and tyres when the friendly boy racing coppers approached in pitch blackness at warp factor seven and decided to alert me to the fact when they were almost in my boot, i threw the car to the left in blind panic and bounced off a corner kerb stone, i'll bet the pair of ***** laughed about it all week :ph34r: , i really hope they had a bad day....


also have this in my garage to play with :D


john :)

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I have two: 1998 Nisan Micra 1.3 GX - decent loittle car & much better/quicker than I ever expected it to be. Of course I can't resist tinkering so have fitted a set of alloys (from a Nissan 100NX), a set of stiffer lowering springs (they only lower the car 30mm but they make it roll much less through the corners - though it still handles like a blancmange!) & I've also fitted a strut brace (though I'm not sure why :lol:) :blink: All mods declared on the insurance & it still costs peanuts to insure & run :D

In the garage is a Reliant Scimitar SS1 - which is up on axle stands at the mo as I've been rebuilding/upgrading the front suspension. It's been a long haul & I'm hoping that it'll be back on four wheel soon. Currently it's powered by a 1600 Ford CVH engine - I'm planning to upgrade this to a Ford 2 litre Zetec engine in the not too distant future. Before that though it needs new sills! Have a look for "The Reptile" thread & you'll get an idea of what I've been doing to it :)

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I have a Heico Volvo S70 T5. 280bhp and 326lbft of torque, 171,000 on the clock and I love it. It's not new and it's not posh but I love it. I'll keep it as a daily driver until it reaches 300k then I'll garage it and keep it as a classic. Next car will also be a Volvo, probably a V70R.


(Picture taken in summer 2008, looks a bit shinier now. ;))

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