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Thanks Shangas,

The last one is a 9 carat gold double Albert with an amethyst swivel fob. The middle one is a very heavy sterling silver double Albert with a Royal Marine fob ( I served with the Royal Marines many years ago), and the first one a 9 carat gold double Albert with a 1905 HMS Victory medalette celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar,that is made from copper salvaged from HMS Victory that was undergoing a re-fit at that time.

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I must be having a senior moment here...I bought a beautiful DA early last year...or maybe even the year before...I know I posted pics at the time...but obviously not in this thread (which is silly, seeing as I started it all those years ago!)..so here's my latest...an 18ct double link Albert. I know this is in another thread somewhere as the pics are still on photobucket...anyway, here they are again.

This is the new DA compared to my old one...the new one is on top. Both have tapering links.


In this pic, you can see the difference in the link structure...in the old chain the links connect together, but in the new one, each link passes through two others, giving a much more substantial look.


A couple of pics with some 'ahem' special fobs....



Full set with sovereign holder...


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I have been after an Amethyst spinner fob for a long time, because 1.) My fobs are mainly Masonic, and I didn't have another to wear for 'normal' occasions, 2.) It's my birthstone (February) and 3.) Having seen Shiner's one above, it spurred me on to looking again.

I searched for a long time...most vintage 'amethyst' spinners seem to be made of coloured glass or paste rather than actual amethyst crystal (quartz), and are usually chipped around the facets/edges. However, when this one came along, it was different enough to catch my eye. It's a piece of amethyst taken from the point where the purple crystal joins the natural quartz, cut and then polished to have a lovely rounded perimeter. Each of the three faces presents a different pattern. The frame is 9ct gold and made of curb link chain, so it complements the links of the Albert. Very pleased with it indeed. Hope you approve too! :lol:




A nice addition to the rest of my fobs...


On the waistcoat...



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Damn Roger, I (er, we) have just celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary. Had those photos of the Amethyst spinner been posted a week earlier then... ;-)

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