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So This Is Me

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Seeing as how I posted about as much as everyone put together yesterday (and then completely unexpectedly made a post in the Sales forum...(now sold, thanks Roy and Scott)), I thought I'd take the time to create a state of the collection style post to introduce myself (assuming anyone gives a damn, which you may not).

I've been collecting since August 09 or thereabouts and have flipped far more watches than I currently own but these are the ones I've kept. As noted elsewhere I've just downsized my collection considerably; what I'm left with are either watches I really, really like or one with some kind of emotional attachment.

Sinn 656

Definitely the nicest watch I own, I've had it for about 9 months and still get a real kick out of wearing it. Love the simple but distinctive style, the extremely legibility and the super comfortable bracelet. Bloody accurate too.


Seiko Alpinist SARB017

I've only had this one a month or so but boy do I like it. I'd wanted an Alpinist since I first learned about the range and for me this is the pick of the bunch (I've also owned a SARB015 but that didn't do it for me in the same way). Great, vintage looks, beautiful green dial, nice reliable 6R15 movement, everything about this watch works for me.


Robert GMT-Poseidon 39mm

Yes, essentially its just an homage to the Rolex GMT-Master, but its a REALLY NICE homage to the Rolex GMT-Master. Looks great, really comfortable and solid feeling and its got the ability to tell the time in 2 places, a complication I thought would be useful but which in practice I never use. Did I mention its really nice though?


That's my 3 faves.... more to follow later!

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I'd love to have just one of those in my collection let alone all three :thumbsup:

Especially like the Sinn, mouth watering :)

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Superb choices, so far. I love my Seiko divers, and hope to have a Steinhart GMT-Ocean within a year (comparable to Robert, so I gather). That Sinn is just NICE. I see the more common models so much, I hadn't realized they had something like this.

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Cheers chaps. The Sinn is definitely my favourite too. The Alpinist is a pretty close second though, I certainly couldn't imagine parting with either.

Next up are another 3 that I really like, but all 3 more firmly in the affordable camp.


This is a watch I'd wanted for a long time (since before I really seriously got into watches) but that didn't I only bought fairly recently. Largely that delay was down to what I suspect is a fairly normal bias towards mechanical watches during my formative months as a WIS. For a long time I certainly felt that £90 was a lot to pay for a quartz watch with no complications.

I was so wrong though. This is such a great watch: nicely small I'm an age of stupidly large watches, really accurate, classically good looking and absolutely solid feeling. The precision of the finishing on the case is as good as any watch I own.


Vostok Amphibia Scuba Dude

Got this one early on in my collecting career and it has definitely stood the test of time. I love the rugged simplicity of these watches. I read somewhere that the Russians say "perfection is the enemy of good enough" and the Amphibia is good enough in every way (let's not talk about the bracelet, eh?). Tough, distinctive, great retro looks, reasonably accurate. It's become my go to watch for swimming and looks great in casual situations.


Vostok Amphibia Ship's Commander

It's another Amphibia, so everything I said about the last one plus Steve Zissou wore it!!


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