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Biorhythms Anyone?

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A friend of mine brought me an electronic watch to service recently. I had heard of these watches but had never seen one and now I want one. :wink:

It was a Certina Biostar Electronic. The only watch to use the Dynotron ESA 9156 movement : this is essentially a normal ESA 9154 from the balance side but with some added complications for the biorhythm discs.

I'll let the photos do the talking; sorry the photos are so bad but I took them in a hurry, in artificial light and at 10pm:

A fairly normal looking ESA Dynotron movement from the balance side; the electronics, balance etc are all exactly the same as the very common ESA 9154:


But it's not an ESA 9154...:


Flip it over and things start to look different compared to the 9154. No standard calendar wheels but a strange new multi-layered cog towards the bottom which is attached to a long arm going up the left hand side:


Let's put the first disc on : Red for Intellect:


Second disc : Blue for Emotion:


At this stage, I'm not bothered how the discs relate to each other; I'm just hoping I can sort it out at the end :ph34r: ! Each disc is driven by one of the "layers" on the cog at the top.


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So how do you set it up?

Well, when you bought one, your watch maker opened up the back and wrote your birth date in the case back:


He (or she), then removed the movement from the case and dis-engaged all four discs by pulling out that mysterious lever:

Certina%20Biostar%20Electronic%20ESA%209156%208 with arrows.jpg

Having disengaged the discs, you could then rotate each wheel, through the gap in the dial, using a couple of special rubber-tip tools. It is described in German here:


And you would set the wheels based on your birth date...and you can view what they should be here:


Now I'm looking for a s/steel version....:sadwalk:

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Guest Om_nom_nom_Watches!

At this stage, I'm not bothered how the discs relate to each other

That's probably going to be the easiest bit to get your head round though...

As I understand, (y)our biorhythms drift in and out of phase with one another, and so there will be times when only one is dominant, times when two are, and times when all three are in play together. So, for tasks which require a mixture of emotion intellect and fitness, one is supposed to wait for a day when all three are showing together. If however you're simply moving furniture that day then it's probably OK if only the fitness one is showing ...or if you're just doing crossword puzzles then just the intellect one will suffice, etc.

Now, that's assuming you believe in the theory of biorhythms, which I don't. (:

Nice interesting watch anyway. Good find. :good:

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Hi Paul, I happen to own one of these too (not in s/steel though!) and very handsome on the wrist it is too in my opinion. It's on my list of watches to be sent to the sea-side sometime for some R&R, but tell me - did you have any insurmountable problems in servicing this oddity? Thanks, Steve.

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