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How Do You Choose Your Watches


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Mostly looks, but also history, the PloProf isnt a good looking watch in the classical sense, but its a tool watch legend and Im chuffed to own one.......

So true, Jasonm, so true! :lol: it's just - - - - fugly! :D

Affordable, style and size! not necessarily in any particular order :nono: I think you should always go for something you personally like, and don't listen to pundits on forums (except me and Mach of course) who will tell you otherwise.

Every collection needs a Timex, and Timex have a watch for every collection :yes: :notworthy:

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Firstly I have to like the appearance, a lot, thenI check the mechanicals, I love auto mechanical I am not an exact type of person so a minute or so a month is fine. I wear more than one watch a month so putting the time right is no big deal. Now here is the honesty, I check with her indoors, saves any quibbling later. Must admit the JLC was her idea, she daid I should get a rectangular watch I have alll round faces, thats why I bought this


Must admit, my current favourite

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First and formost it's looks, I've got to like the look of something, be it a classical look or quirky. It's got to look good to me. Second is price, my most expensive watches are all just over £2000. I'll own a rolex sub at some point but not yet. Thirdly movement, an expensive (£500+) watch has to be automatic or at least manual wind. I'd feel like I've been cheated if I paid more than that for a quartz. Fourth is display backs, I love 'em! My tag and omega both have them. Ive always been interested in mechanical things, engines, gears, watch/clock movements, so being able to see them 'in action' is always a good thing. But not nessecary.

That's pretty much how I pick what watches I like.

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Value for money!

This; which is why my collection is overwhelmingly Seiko, from £60 second hand bargains all the way up to this


I feel like I'm getting short changed with most modern Swiss powered watches like Omega, Breitling, and even Sinn after owning a couple. I'd love an IWC or a Jaeger though :)

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