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My New Omega Speedmaster Professional

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My dream watch was for a long time an Omega Speedmaster Professional.

I got it the last week with box and papers in near mint condition.


A very beautiful watch, very classy and loaded with history and I didnt fell in love with it :crybaby:

It left me cold!!!

Why oh why ?

It looked so tiny and small.

I had to measure it to be sure, yep 42, it is simply too small for me.

Winding it was another disapointment, the stupid **** is not comfortable to wind at all.

I wore it for 3 days straight hoping it will grow on me but nothingt :furious:

The probelm is with me and not with the watch we simply dont work well together.

I guess I need to buy bigger watches and preferably with Auto movement.

Will probably sell or trade it.

Oh well I tried.

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Guest Om_nom_nom_Watches!

"Never meet your heroes."

...Oh well, at least they probably have a strong market for resale, so I expect you'll get at least what you paid for it when you sell it on.

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Such a shame, these are quality machines too!

Is 42mm the full size or the reduced?

Never mind, can't imagine you'll lose a great deal of cash if you bought second hand. Stick it in the trade corner and see what fate brings. Might get a nice Monaco or something in exchange, or maybe a full size (44mm) planet ocean - seem to be similar prices when I look at second hand

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I have a Speedy, and you're right, it's a bit of a pain to wind (crown too recessed really) and it's not huge (although large for an old design, I guess).


Give it a while. I think you'll grow to like it. It's a lovely watch and wears really well and, unless you've got a particularly large wrist, it's not that big but that's a plus, imho. I think the size is a pretty good compromise and allows me to wear it in all sorts of situations - casual (because it's cool) and business under a shirt cuff and suit (because it's pretty classy and *not too big*). It looks good on metal, on black leather, on rally, on brown ...and on NATO/Zulu. A 100% all rounder.

Just my 2p. :D

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Such a shame, these are quality machines too!

Is 42mm the full size or the reduced?

Full size is 42, the reduced is 39mm

The best way to wind a Speedmaster is to run your index finger up and down behind the winder.

If it isn't big enough you must have seriously big wrists. :lookaround:

Have a faily big wrist but not huge I simply love big watches and apperently this one is just too small.

Give it a while. I think you'll grow to like it.Just my 2p. :D

Maybe it will if I will carry it long enough and not sell or trade it.

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Size doesn't matter. I can understand if one's wrists are big as a ham hock, but it's not the watch's fault if it's not ginormous like contemporaries (that 55mm one in another thread).

Sometimes a modest sized watch has the neatest looks and impact. Give it some time. ;)

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I hate em too. My first one left me cold and I sold it. damn that was when the old GF was living with me I think I have boobie pics of her, lol I know I do.



My thread of disappointment in the Speedy.

Sigh, now I have replaced the vintage one, bought the 40th anni one, and two new ones one on loan to Spanish gal. I moved too soon on my disposal of the very first one

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I agree many watches are just stupidly outsize these days - I have the Speedmaster auto and it is smaller still, and fits a nice gap between 'dress' and 'sport' watch. I find myself wearing it for days at a time, which is a good sign as sometimes I change watch 3 times/day!

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My limited experience with, um, one watch with an end piece that extends the first link out (vice the end piece having a notch that the bracelet's link fits INTO) is that they make the watch "feel" bigger, unless the lugs & end piece are designed to fit comfortably. This Chenevard felt like the proverbial Geiger counter on my wrist until I put it on leather and Zulu-style bands.


I know some brands/models do this (Rolex DSSD?), I think it's a mistake unless it's a smaller watch case

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The watch is sold and I dont miss it at all.

I blame myself only, should have done my homework.

I saw the reduced Speedy 2 days ago and was shocked how small it is.

Its tiny but to each his own.

Oh and just for the record I dont like huge watches either.

My size is 43-45

I do have a Rolex Sub and while it is 40 it has a clean face so it doesnt look so small.

A chrono needs to be bigger so the dials will not look too tiny.

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