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Flat Rubber Straps That Take Fat Seiko Spring Bars

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I'm sure it's been discussed here, but just briefly - can anyone suggest any flat rubber/silicone straps that accommodate the fat Seiko 2.5mm springbars, short of spending just shy of £30 on a Hirsch Pure?

Seem to be loads of flat rubber straps out there, but whether they will take the size of a Seiko bar is another thing.

Oh, and I'd like orange.


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Thanks Mitadoc, and that looks quite a good deal too!

But... I had in mind something a little more like this, first image on the left -

BaliHa'i Project Strap


I'm really after a flat strap, rather than say for example one as chunky as this -

Hirsch Extreme..


Can anyone remember who makes those Italian vanilla ones? For some reason I seem to recall they do a flat strap available in orange??

edit to say, before the obvious question why not just get the BaliHa'i Project Strap, well as far as I know, it's only at 24mm. Plus, I'd really rather find one here in the UK, or at least Europe..!

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Balls, as it transpires the Hirsch Pure is unlikely to accept the fat Seiko bars. So in light of this it is unlikely also that many of the flat rubber straps that I've found at watch-band-center and sectime would either. Well, without a risky degree of force. And some quantity of lube.





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Can't you just use normal springbars?

Ah alas not, the thinner end allows for too much space in the lug whole which over time can cause excessive wear, and also compromises stability.

On the other hand there are thinner spring bars with the 1.1mm end for Seiko lugs, but I really wanted to use the original bars.

What is most annoying is that for the most part, the option is either a black rubber strap for which there are many that will take the Seiko spring bars, or a gert chunky Orange rubber strap like the Hersch Extreme, but which is far too much for my girly wrists.

And having managed to avoid most strenuous exercise I'm not totally prepared to start lifting dumbells now!

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