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Wow!...what great shots of the emerging dragonfly...superb!

Just returned from a week in the Algarve, Portugal and thought I would share some pics of bugs and other creatures with you...

First was a pretty dull looking male Preying Mantis, that landed on the wall one night, attracted to the floodlight...



That is until he got a bit peeved posing on my fingers, and went into a defensive posture whereupon he became quite spectacular...




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No, that's a butterfly, period. I just get worse and worse. Later, William

Hugh's right, Dave ...it's the cast skin of a dragonfly nymph. Tha dragonfly spends several years underwater as a 'nymph', shedding it's skin as it grows bigger. When the last stage is reached, the ny

Good thread I snapped these two sabre wasps hard at it last Bank Holiday weekend  

Posted Images

A few days later I found this chameleon walking along the dusty path to the villa...it was quite grey and dusty looking itself, until I picked it up, then it started to change colour to a yellowy green...



At this point, I put him back on a bush, and he wandered off gradually becoming greener to blend in with the leaves...




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Finally I took some pics of the usual creatures you find abroad...

Various Geckos...the second one has lost its original tail, and the new one has grown back rather more stumpy and colourless than the original...



Hiding in a crevice, but showing the unique four pupilled eyed common to most geckos...


A Marsh frog on a lily pad in the carp pool...


An adult Ant Lion...the larvae make conical depressions in sandy soil and wait at the bottom with their jaws sticking up to catch ants that fall into the pit...the adult looks like a damsel fly, but has large antennae that tell the difference.


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A few days later I found this chameleon walking along the dusty path to the villa...it was quite grey and dusty looking itself, until I picked it up, then it started to change colour to a yellowy green...

At this point, I put him back on a bush, and he wandered off gradually becoming greener to blend in with the leaves...

That sounds like most of out politicians... grey and dusty looking until they see the green :wink: :D

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Some amazing shots in this thread! I love the idea of casually finding a Chameleon wandering down the street, don't get many of those in Manchester!

Anyway thought I'd add this little guy I found on holiday in France, he obligingly sat still on a leaf whilst I tried to keep him in focus :)

Not easy with a 70-300mm set to macro, despite the good light!


Look forward to more piccies. :)

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WARNING!.....if you're an arachnophobe...don't go any further!

Spotted this bloke (common house spider) in my potting shed on returning to work after my hols....I swear he was wearing Doc. Martins and had 'ACAB' tattooed across his knees when I first saw him...managed to get three shots after cooling him in the fridge for 10 mins (a common photographers ploy to get insects/spiders to stay still long enough to snap them...especially dragon flies) then decided to get a ruler to add a size shot (he was well over 2" long and wide), but when I came back, he'd buggered off!




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Came across this Dor (dung) beetle today whilst doing the rounds of the grounds...probably flown across from the cattle field next door. Quite large , but not as big as a Stag beetle.

Glossy black on top, but a beautiful iridescent blue underneath. It reminded me of the giant beetles in the Sci-fi film 'Starship Troopers'.




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While tending to the pond at work today, I noticed that the recent inclement weather has bought the frogs out in force...the long grass along one bank was alive with tiny froglets, that jumped out at every step...took a couple into the greenhouse for some pics...these are only about an inch long...






And my suspicions were confirmed...like the toad a couple of pages back, these have finger tips too if you look carefully...

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Hi all - whilst on my hols in Germany recently this little chap/chapess decided to pose long enough for me to take quite a few photos. Normally flies bu99er off as soon as I get anywhere near them but this one seemed content enough to sit there while I got within a cm or so of it with the camera. It was only when I looked at the photos on the computer later that I noticed the oval blobs under it abdomen - would these be eggs (thought they laid eggs in rotting things - raoadkill etc for the maggots to eat??) or are they more some sort of parasite (lice/ticks etc)?




Here's another fly I managed to get a photo of before it flew off :)




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We had quite a good crop of frog and toad spawn earlier in the year...so it's always nice to see the results a few months later. We often see the tiny frogs hopping about in the wet grass, but rarely see the tiny toads...except this morning:



Must remember not to cut the lawn :butcher: :(

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Just back from a week in sunny Menorca with the usual collection of bugs and interesting creatures! First up, remember this chap from Portugal?....


Here's a much larger, green Praying Mantis...




This is the weirdest centipede I've ever seen! It reminded me of one of the creatures from the sci fi comedy 'Evolution'...almost as though a spider has had a dubious relationship with a centipede...


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Following on...a couple of beetles...



A very large grass hopper/locust (similar, if not the same as the one Foztex found a few posts above)


Humming bird hawk moth at rest...


...and in flight. There were hundreds of these flying around, and it took ages to get a shot after messing around with shutter speeds to try and capture the wings...this was at 1/1500 sec. I'm going to start another thread discussing this, and hopefully pick up some tips from better photographers than me!


One more post to come...

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Finally, some lizards...first up a gecko...


A shot showing how the iris of the eye in geckos closes to four pupils in bright light...


The underside of the foot, showing the venetian blind like pads that help the gecko cling to walls, and even glass...


A small lizard with an electric blue tail...


And a common wall lizard.


Hope you enjoyed! :D

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Nice bugs Roger! Looks like it would have been bug heaven for me, really cool to see the pads of the Gecko up close. It must be difficult to be able to handle them like that.


Luckily, my son caught the gecko from under a rock he turned over, and it was very docile and easy to catch. I have been handling reptiles and insects for pics for over 40 years and you just need to be very gentle. Some larger lizards and geckos may give you a nip, but nothing serious. Mind you...you won't see me holding a scorpion or a hornet anytime soon. I feel it is a privilege to be able to cherish something that most people will never see, let alone hold, and it also serves to give a sense of scale to the pic. ie. you can see how big/small a creature is compared to my hand. Also, there is no better, or gentler way to be able to offer the subject up to the lens. At the end of all pic sessions, all creatures are gently released back where they came from. Except the mole...he went into a neighbouring field! :lookaround:

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