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Can Someone Help Me To Date This Vintage Tissot

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Hello guys,

These days I bought this vintage Tissot Visodate Seastar Automatic in a very good condition.

I am very happy with it but I was not able to date it at all. Searched on the net but only found similar models, this one is hard to find.

I will be grateful if someone help me with this issue.

Thank you in advance and regards


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Lovely watch. More photos would be appreciated. Best take it to your local friendly watchmaker and have him pop the back off for you (unless it's a screw off back then I would urge you to buy a tool and do it yourself). Some pop off watches of this period require a press in order to get the back on properly. I have a beaten old Tissot of my fathers dating from '59/'60 and that's the circumstance in its case. Good luck.

Stand back! It's Dick Browne fresh back from the watch fair to save the day!!

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That's the caseback:


For sure I will visit my watchmaker, but I had no time the last few days.

By the way the guy from whom I bought the watch claimed to be the second owner and as per his opinion it never been serviced.

Despite this it keeps the time very good :shocking:

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It's a screw back case. My advice is to get yourself one of these -


That way you can open the back of the watch yourself and examine the movement numbers.

They're very inexpensive off ebay.

Don't try to service the watch yourself though! :nono:

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Thank you Drum 2000, I would never think to service the watch myself :)) I am not such a novice in the watch area ;)

In fact I have such a tool but I bought it just to have it and than never used it...

But now I will try to open it...and will see.

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Nice movement - if you move the rotor around you should see a 3 or 4-digit movement number, I suspect, looking at it, that it's a 786, which would concur with the date of around 1970 (the movement was made between 1960-1972, so that would fit.

If it has a series number (ie - 784-2) that would help even more.

Oh, and hi Dan! :)

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