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Problems Removing Crown/stem Fro Seiko Quartz 8299 701A

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I bought one of these from ebay, I'm not really sure why!!!

It needs a new crystal (plus a lot of case/bracelet work) but seems to be running OK.

I'm reasonably familiar now with removing the crown/stem from a variety of Seiko quartz watches and was expecting a hole marked 'PUSH' to release the stem.

But .......... I'm struggling. I cannot for the life of me find release mechanism.

It's a screw down crown, and doesn't pull out very easily but does appear to have two positions (1st and 2nd click).

There is one hole, which when the crown is pulled out I can see movement going on (my first guess was that this must be the release mechanism).

But ...... there is also a gear wheel partially showing and I'm VERY reluctant to push anything into the hole for fear of damaging the wheel (been there, done that once - never again I hope).

I found the Seiko Parts Guide on the net, but there is no mention in there about this.

Any help appreciated please.

I have had a very good look around the movement, so ideally some help from someone who knows the answer please :-)


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OK, some pics




the calibre is 8229 701A (the case back is very worn, but I think this is correct.

On the plate (bridge?) in the middle with the jewels, there is a hole.

BUT .... there is clearly a gear wheel partly visible (I suspect that this is the main wheel that drives the hands). If I poke something down this I run the risk of damaging the teeth on this wheel.

I've done this (stupidly by accident) on another watch. I can't believe that this is the right hole.

SO .... is there somewhere / something else?

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Hi Sir A.

Could you post pics of the movement in the 2/3 crown positions?

Crown in

Crown date set (if there is a date)

Crown time set

We may be able to then see if there is a lever appears somewhere which needs to be pushed.



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I believe if you pull the crown out to pos 3 a small lever emerges , looking at your lastpic it will be to the left the stem, gentley push this lever down and the stem should come out

good luck


ps you will probaly need a lupe to see the lever come into view

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thanks guys :notworthy:

I'll try this tonite - I knew it had to be something simple, it's been complicated because pulling the crown out is very hard (because its a screw down crown and I guess 'cause its an old watch so the crown gasket is all gunged up!!).

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Crown/Stem are out thanks.

I can't say I'm convinced about what I did, but Andy was right. There is a small (tiny) lever with a dimple in the end. This is visible when the crown is wound out, but disappears on the first and second click. It isn't very accessible or visible (due to the plastic movement shroud).

I basically pressed, wiggled and turned and the crown/stem came out. It was very hard to pull out because the gasket had turned to gummy gunge. I've cleaned it up.

Thanks for the help.

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