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Getting A Big Parcel Shipped From Europe To Uk?

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I want to get some Jeep parts shipped from the Netherlands to UK (s/hand bargain) but struggling to find a reasonable price for the shipping.

Parcel is 100cm x 100cm x 40cm (20kg)

Best I've found so far is approx £100 shipping.

Any better suggestions please?



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Maybe you're secondhand bargain isn't going to be as much of a bargain as you thought :lol: :lol:

I've used DHL both personally and at work for all sorts, sent and collected for delivery of stuff pretty much to and from all over the world, not cheap but as usual the proper job rarely is :)

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You could join an ex-pat forum, I've done this to get stuff to the UK from Spain and then picked up by courier. If it's North Netherlands, there'll be plenty of regular traffic.

If it was me, I'd do what B suggested, it's close, cheap and enjoyable.

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I'm pretty sure recently in the local rag I saw a return trip, Newcastle to Amsterdam, for about £70.

Positive bargain, i went to Denmark for a day out for about fifty quid. A sail on the high seas, some cheap duty free booze, bit of a party on the boat there and back and a day in another country, what's not to like :)

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If you find yourself in Amsterdam in a 'cafe' whatever you do do not, I repeat,

DO NOT pick the 'tobacco' from the bottom of the list. Trust me it's a bad idea.

Saying that it's rather entertaining :eek:

Or the mushrooms on toast....

Don't forget the cake for 'afters'.....

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Talk about a thread wandering off topic! LOL

Btw - I gave up on the big item and just bought the small bits for 25 Euros shipped.

Job done!

Thanks for the amusing suggestions anyway! ;)

A tips for the future, if you need to ship bulky stuff, try a local freight forwarder. They sometimes have space on vehicles returning to the UK and you might get a good price on 'groupage' where there's lots of others people's stuff is on the same lorry.

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I'd go with the Commander - - on second thoughts, I'd never last the pace - - but Mrs M and me'sen did a Newcastle trippie last year for £99 each including an overnight hotel in Amshterdam, bus transfer to and from hotel and breakfast all included. :lol:

Nice "trippie" down memory lane at one of the cafe's, and that was just getting the waft out of the cafe onto the terrace in the sun :lol:

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