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Heres my latest arrival fresh from the sales corner , and its something completely different for me , as practically all my watches are vintage mechanical pieces so mostly around 34mm dia.

This all singing all dancing monster comes in at a massive (to me anyway) 50mm , but being titanium wears incredibly well and light , I never thought i would go for something this big or modern , but am loving it so far, even if i don't know how to work it all yet :thumbup:


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I don't remember seeing that in the sales section? Looks good mate, I like that :thumbup: (Feel free to PM me if you ever want to flip it, or trade for something a bit smaller...)

Oh, and don't worry about all the functions, if you're anything like me you won't use any of them except the backlight! :lol:

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very nice, i had the prg-40 for about a year and as i do alot of hiking and mountain biking i found i used the barometer and compass alot but i sold it :mda: i recently got the spf-40 in a trade on here and ive worn it since getting it, although the spf (sea pathfinder) doesnt have the altitude function i find the tide and moon phase graph very handy, mine has the Ti bracelet and i find i very comfy but i might get the rubber one as well, hope yours comes in usefull as mine have wear in good health :thumbsup:

mine says hi


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Thanks for all the comments guys , yep tried the auto light well cool i must say , like the barometer feature to , that was one of the main things i fancied , i've always had a barometer in the house even as a kid , my dad always had one and i kinda carried it on .

Will be taking it on holiday where i'll be doing lots of walking so it could be useful ,if i get lost lol

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Yep....looked at it...liked it...then made the fatal mistake of thinking 'I'll give it another day to see if there's another price drop'. I've lost loads of great watches doing that! :wallbash: You'd think I'd have learnt my lesson by now. Andy obviously knew what a bargain the watch was (and titanium too!) and grabbed a bargain. Well done, mate...wear it with pride and enjoy it! :thumbup:

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Quick update been using this watch this week on holiday whilst walking /hiking and have to say i love it , ok i could of got by without its features but have found them really useful ,in particually the barometer for the weather but the compass was cool and the altimeter was of interest.

Oh and of course the time was handy to know how much time was left before the car park ticket run out.

Shame there's not enough sun to keep it Fully charged but thats holidaying in the UK for you i guess ?

Barograph says its going to be ok tomorrow so maybe a bit of fly fishing for trout ???

All in all a great useful highly recommended watch thanks again Stew for the oppertunity to buy it.



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