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Show Us Your Seiko's!

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I forgot to add any text to the above pic!

Christmas brain!!!!

Those are the new arrivals (apart from the yellow dial which I've had forever!)

Two of the dressier and rather elusive 7t32-7C60 models, one a black and white 'Panda' and the other a metallic blue with red subs version. One long awaited 7t32-7D50 blue/black (now on original bracelet thanks to a very good RLT Samaritan!), and a very welcome addition, the first ever model of the Sportura! The only one seen as a 7t32, so a great find!!!

The others are a 7t62 ti model which I'm not really bothered about. On the block once I've found a '32 replacement I imagine. And a 7t92 white dial/blue subs model which needs the second sub-dial hand fixing back into place and a new battery, then it's a winner!

The stand is a 1980's ex shop display picked up on the bay.

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Seiko do good chronographs...

I do like that 6139-8020 - they did some excellent colour combos - I particularly like your brown/cream with brown strap. I've got an ink blue version (below), but have never warmed to it, yet whenever I see one of the lighter blue two tone versions I wonder why they aren't more popular.

Here's mine, plus a Darth 6139 and a 6139-6012 in a colour mix I've never seen before (usually face and chapter ring colours are the opposite way round) -apologies for pic - it's the only one in photobucket ATM. The other is one of my 'keepers', a Weekdater from 1966, which I never manage to show to its best.




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Some fantastic pics of some very nice watches :yes:

'Fraid i'm not too good with a camera :wallbash:

033 with a huge scratch that I put on the crystal within an hour of strapping it on for the first time!!


The blue one has gone to live with someone else...


Silver one needs a new crystal..


I put this together with parts from all over the world, the second hand is Swiss!!


Love this Alfie (previous owners pic)..


'Nuther 6309, this one has a non original bezel...


John :)

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Some more..

World Timer, this was a refinished case that I acquired from this forum, the internal bezel should list capital cities but I left that bezel in the old case..


The battery leaked in this one and rotted the -ve contact away, I should strip it and solder a new one on someday..


Some more digitals..




Poorly 6138 chrono!!


Cheers, John :)

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a few more..

I quite like the layout of this '5'..




Macs favourite watch (apparently :lol: )


Cal 6602..


Cal 66..


John :)

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Last few..



There's a few in this pic that I don't seem to have pics of individually..


Some of the wifes..




She won't wear these 'small' watches preferring the £5 mosntrosities that come from markets and the B&M cheapo shops, I despair, she has well over 100 decent quality watches and yet wears these pretend chronos with the stopwatch hands painted on :o

I have an ankering for a white Seiko Atlas so may put a want ad on when i've gotten over Chrimbo :blink:

Happy new year all :thumbup:


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Some great pics in this thread and some really cool seiko's. I love the old battered [worn] seiko's i think they look great too.

I've only had three seiko's in my life. Currently only one the pvd bfk.

Quick pic


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