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Rolex Tudor Help

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Hi All,

My wife innherited this Rolex Tudor from her Grandmother about ten years ago.

It's therefore of great sentimental value and she wore it regularly until a couple of years ago when the strap broke (just a pin) and the watch itself stopped.

Can anyone tell me anything about it?

I think the case is gold (there is a very small hallmark on one of the photos, next to the winder, but I'm afraid my camera isn't up to much!) There's a Rolex logo on the winder. Nothing on the back.

Any idea when it dates from and what it's value might be?

Why do you think it stopped?

Will it just need a service?

I'm planning on getting it repaired as a surprise for our next wedding anniversay - old romantic fool that I am.

If anyone can recommmend where I should have it repaied (Nort West of England) that would be very helpful.

Many Thanks.

PS. Can anyone tell me how to post the images??

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Hi Pato and welcome to the forum.

Instructions on how to post pictures are given in the first thread under the heading "Watch Discussion Forum" on the forum home page. You may also want to look through the forum rules whilst your there. In the meantime, enjoy.

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That is probably from the early 1950s. I don't know a great deal about them, but the movement will be relatively simple. Any decent established independent jeweller should be able to sort it and service it for around £150. Do not, under any circumstances, take it to one of the chain jewellers - they don't have a clue.

As for why it has stopped - could be the mainspring, could just need a damned good clean inside. If it hasn't been serviced for a very long time the oils can dry out or become viscous, which in a very small movement can prevent it running at all.

As to value, if it is solid 9ct gold, then sadly not a lot more than scrap weight value - vintage ladies watches struggle to sell. On a good day I would say a maximum of around £350-400 dependent on weight. Could be less.

Given its sentimental value, the monetary value should be irrelevant anyhow.

Get it fixed and then pass it on to your kids or relatives in the fullness of time.

Hope that helps a bit!

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Thanks flying banana!

I'm not selling it so you're right the interest in the value is academic, but good to have an idea.

I agree that it probably just needs a good clean and a bit of lubrication.

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Pssst...! Our forum's host could help here... :)


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