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Steinhart Snowflake Sub


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Compared to me Dave you are a Jedi of willpower. I think I lasted 30 minutes maybe an hour.

Well Carl, you are a Jedi master to me then! A Steinhart diver was something that I though I was completely done with. Then you opened the thread and it took me less than 5 minutes, including finding the watch on the Steinhart site (wasn't there) and realizing you had included the Aramar link. And I wasn't even drunk!

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Posted Today, 01:39 AM

I'm quite happy to protest a new dial. After all (almost) everyone purchased under the understanding that this was the dial. If it were up to me so should it remain.

Join the WUS crowd... some people apareltly have canceled the pre-order because of this... But honestly, I think it's going to be even greater. A lot more exclusive and the Aramar logo might suit this watch better. Because the brand name is smaller (and on letter count closer to Tudor), we'll probably be getting something that resembles the Tudor dial closer. I've always felt that the upper side of the dial was a bit empty...

Anyway, nothing but waiting now... or cancel the order which I wouldn't do if I was you. At least until we see the final design. After all, we don't even now for sure that this won't be the final version, it's just most likely not but no 100%s.

I shant be cancelling but it is a little cheeky to alter the dial after so many orders have been placed.To me there is not a lot of cop between the two logos in style though Steinhart are a brand that I recognise where Aramar isn't. Maybe that's just me but... Besides the Aramar logo makes a very attractive case back. Steinhart on the front and Aramar on the back. That's my vote. In the end, no matter what happens, I'm sure I'll be more than happy with the watch.

Is it April yet? :sadwalk:

Oh, and the reason I switched the conversation back over to this thread is that I feel it's more relavent here. No need to hijack Draygo's 1,000+ thread.

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Most of you have probably seen this but if not here's the update from Maurice on Watchuseek.


Today finally Steinhart and I agreed on the final design of the Arctic Ocean. And for those who wonder, it will remain exactly the same as the orginial design. Meaning Steinhart logo on the dial and Aramar logo on the back. Nothing will change. I made this decision since everybody ordered their watch from the first design I made, and I think it is not fair to alter it afterwards. If I would make something in the future with Steinhart it will only be with Aramar on the dial. The watch will be ready in May Steinhart confirmed me again today, this due to the ETA movements which are hard to get and the totally new hands which have to be made. We have really something to look forward to, and when I have more updates on the production process I will place it here."

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"Oh, it's a long, long time from February to May

But the days grow short when you reach September

When the autumn weather turns the leaves to flame

One hasn't got time for the waiting game."

...D'you see what I did there?!

Sinatra is all very well and good (actually, great) but this is the version I have permanently lodged in my brain...

Edited by Draygo
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....and we don't even get the Aramar logo.... :(

Like I said on the other side, I WANT a black and white Aramar version!!! I'll even preorder it NOW!!! :lol:

Oh, and...

Time has told me

You're a rare rare find

A troubled cure

For a troubled mind.

And time has told me

Not to ask for more

Someday our (Arctic) ocean

Will find it's shore.


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That cat's as happy as you Drum with the news about Steinhart staying on the front :)

*Nice to see a Nick Drake reference Kutusov

Oh, and thanks for the update Dowsing. I know that you like cats so here's a little prezzie for you -



Edited by dowsing
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May is the advertised delivery date... you're not on the list, are you Mach?

Having problems with your memory, Field Marshal?

Ok, I finally gave in to temptation :rolleyes:

Hopefully I`ll get the number I ordered :wink2:

Well done, congrats!!!

As they are pretty much all sold, we'll be getting them pretty much at the same time. It will be funny to see a Friday thread crowded with Steinies snowflakes :lol:

:rolleyes: :P

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Seems so McMach!! :oldman:

It's just that this has been debated on a more regular basis over at WUS and I was remembering seeing you there. I was just a few minutes ago on Steinhart website and all the Oceans are out of stock. Some say they will be ready "not before 23th of April" and part of the reason of the delays with the Aramar was movement availability. So I'm assuming the Snowflake will be done along with all the other Oceans... if all goes well, we should have them 2 months from now.

I'm a bit apprehensive with the aged lume thing, I hope it's not as orange as it looks in some pictures of the OVM. I was discussing this with Draygo the other day and then found these watches that I believe have Fricker's touch... they do seem very Dreadnought-ish...



Assuming that that is the lume on Aramar, the blue seems to me to be more forgiving, it actually looks quite good.

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