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:taz: Am I doing something wrong or is eBay searching broken? :taz:

A German friend told me about a watch listed on ebay. So I went onto ebay.co.uk and searched for "Accutron 214 Anniversary". But no sign of the watch I was looking for.

So went onto ebay.de, and did the same search, and there it was; top of the search result.

Took note of the Item Number (271313830709) and then viewed it on ebay.co.uk. Seller ships worldwide and no restrictions to UK etc.

Can someone please explain why it doesn't show up when searching that phrase on ebay.co.uk.?? Please?

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I've had the same thing, watches showing on the ebay German site often don't show on the ebay UK site, i think ebay UK uses a Sinclair ZX81 for their server...................

What i do now is go to the German ebay website and view it that way........... French items show ok though..........

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Here in Canada, eBay charges us a fee to have our listings show up in the search results for the UK and other countries. To find results without interference, you need to either manually peruse every new listing or do your searches from the various regional eBay sites. It drives me crazy. :(



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From the ebay help section:

Requirements for selling internationally

  • To sell globally, you'll need to accept PayPal as a method of payment. In most countries, sellers should be PayPal Verified.

  • Ensure that you comply with the international trading laws of the countries you are selling in, and export controls on goods to certain countries.

  • Specify your postage 'Worldwide', or to the specific countries or regions you're willing to sell to.

  • We may also ask you to sign an International Selling Agreement, acknowledging that items sold to buyers on other eBay sites are subject to the policies of those sites, including their eBay Money Back Guarantee policies.

A lot of the German auctions I have seen recently don't list paypal, but it could one of the other reasons!

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On a related point... I've been having no end of trouble with my saved searches and new search refinements. If I bring up a search that has about 600 or 800 hits, as soon as I go through the first page of 200 and attempt to move on to the next page, my refined search goes all to pot and suddenly I'm looking at about 12,000,000 watches of all types. And similar such problems.

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Well, "UK only" doesn't seem to exclude US listings anymore.

and does anyone really think the so called (allinclusive) Customs Paid US listings will work well? I'm not sure, but a few of the listings at least seem to contravene UK Customs and will be hammered, yet the sellers are convinced they will go through Customs Paid?

(I'm thinking "Customs Paid" on job lots where the quote is OK for one watch at say $50, yeah, that's fine, but they are quoting the same for lots of 20 watches which would possibkly attract aserious atention simply because a job lot is considered business/commercial rather than collecables?

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