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Im Gonna Be 30 And I Have 3K To Spend (Wisely). Help Please

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Hi, I am turning 30 next week and i want to purchase a watch that i shall enjoy wearing for the next 10-15 years, possibly longer.

In the past i have made some poor choices with watches that i have lost money on and fell out of love with and i do not wish to make that mistake.

I already own a Rolex submariner which comes highly recommended. I was considering a Tag Monaco (the blue one) which i can get brand new for £2800 as i like it because its different to what i already own, plus i love the blue face and strap, however an earlier post in the forum led to people questing my choice of a Tag and offered some alternatives that i didn't know much about.

Can you suggest some alternatives that i can look at and do some research on please.

Thank you.

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What is important to you in the new watch?

If you are not bothered about having a well known brand to im press others then why not talk to Roy at RLT? He may be able to make you a custom watch for far less than your budget. There is a thread showing one he did recently.

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Obvious choice: Omega Speedmaster Pro. Under budget new.


Used, you could pick up a limited edition (there are some lovely ones about)..

A good suggestion above re talking to Roy- he has made some fantastic watches.

Slightly less obvious and a bit more dressy- IWC Portuguese (may need to s-t-r-e-t-c-h the budget a bit...)


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Hi guys, some fantastic ideas. The birth year watch sounds great, also Roy seems to be a great option that i shall also look upon. I do like omega but they have not stood out to me just yet. I was thinking of a second hand Rolex date just.

Gosh, watches are like walking into toys r us as a kid, you want everything, theres so much choice and you spend hours looking before deciding on that one toy, and no doubt you will be back tomorrow for another toy... and another....

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the trick is to buy what you like. I treated myself to this 12 years ago


new they are now £4600, but a good used one will be £2200-2500*. It offers something different to the Sub IMHO, and is scarcer that any Tag/Omega/Rolex

*Fellows just sold one, without box and papers for £2500 plus 20% buyers fee. That is top end price and the bidder paid probably too much

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Google Fellows, who regularly have watch auctions and are also in brum. Prices tend to be quite high though once you add buyers premium. Also look at watch and clock fairs, who have a quarterly sale at the national motorcycle museum.

good choice of where to live!

its worth using these for research on such a large purchase. There are lots of watches i have wanted until i try them on, then something doesn't click. Sadly i have often purchased them before realising

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