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I'm so excited about this... I've just bought the new Sony SmartWatch Version 2 and I am buzzing about it ! So much so I have to tell as many people as I can how brilliant this little gadget is.

I know Galaxy and Pebble also have android watches but overall they cannot match the functions, cost and durability. The watch can synchronised with ANy android mobile, unlike the Galaxy which can only be synchronised with any another galaxy mobile. The battery lasts 2-3 day, the Galaxy lasts 3-4 and similar with the Pebble.

Yes I know it doesn't have a speaker but come on, what do you guys want for £120 ! Its a bargain and got all the functions I need as well as being water and dust proof. A normal 23cm watch strap fits it too. if your not happy with that, you get two straps with it a a good selection of colours and styles to buy for a little extra.

I love my Sony SmartWatch. You can check on the full low down by going to http://www.squidoo.com/workshop/sony-smartwatch-for-boys-who-love-toys-and-those-geeky-girls

If you've not hear of the new generation of Smart Watches is worth a look.

God Bless. Jesusfreakmccn

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For some strange reason I was unable to figure out what company makes this product. If only that website had repeated the brand name 100;s of times, maybe I could have figured it out. :wink:



Yes it has to be be repeated a lot to stick, something like spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam wonderful spam spam glorious spam, spam spam spam spam spam spam and so on.

I like spam and I like Captain Kirk , I don't like that smart thingy much

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They are going in the wrong direction. Having the watch performing the phone's functions isn't it. Too much processing power needed and that eats battery, same with the fancy color display . The watch should be only a remote for the phone over Bluetooth Smart. That, and a electric paper display in black and white would easily give a battery lifetime of over a year. That'll give you a nice lcd watch with status updates from the phone, like calendar, SMS, who's calling, Facebook or whatever.

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Do you know where I can buy some trainers and perhaps some sunglasses too?

Ha ha..

On a side note, a friend of mine when I was at uni wrote something in her dissertation about how people don't wear watches as much nowadays ( excluding the likes of us obviously) because they use their phone as a time keeper instead. I wonder if this will go the other way and people will start wearing their phone on their wrist!

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I think I must be getting old... I should love it, I'm normally a big fan of Sony stuff, (and gadgets in general), but that watch is just rubbish. As with all the current crop of smart watches, they are trying too hard to cram unnecessary features into them. I can't think of a single worthwhile reason why anyone would want to connect their watch to a phone via bluetooth. If it was just a simple watch, perhaps with a nice digital display that could be customised to change the font style and colours, with no other functions so it lasts longer than 3 days, I'd probably be tempted. But downloadable apps and games on your wrist? I don't think so, sorry. Oh, er, IMHO, of course....

Blimey, I'm beginning to sound like Victor Meldrew - I've changed my mind, it's brilliant and I want one :lol:

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