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"slave To The Rhythm"

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I am currently doing a bit of research into a company called Rhythm on coming across an interesting modern quartz mantel clock of see-through design (with visible gold-tone cogs) and gold-tone arch shape.

On further research into who Rhythm are, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they have an interesting and quite long history. The Rhythm clock company started life in 1950 as "Rhythm Watch Co., Ltd." and developed into an important manufacturer of time keeping products, with apparently 20,000,000 clocks and movements sold throughout the world so far. Rhythm obviously won some important Japanese awards in its early history and in 1963 it developed the first plastic parts to be used in quartz movements in Japan. In that year, it was also registered in the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Rhythm Watch Co continued to expand operations, taking the number one position on the world for clock production in 1972 and going on to incorporate a number of other concerns. One thing that Rhythm maintain, which I approve of myself, is vertically integrated manufacture such that when you buy a clock from the Rhythm Watch Co., Ltd., you are buying one that has actually been manufactured by Rhythm itself. Rhythm now (since 2003) has its home office in Saitama, Japan.

Having looked at the history of the company, I turned to its current lineup and the most interesting thing I could find is that Citizen Holdings are the major stockholder in the company. In this connection, I would love to know how much spill-over in technology and other influences there are between Citizen and Rythym.

Rhythm have made all sorts of clocks, but their speciality is musical clocks, with also a notable manufacture of automobile clocks since 1965. It should also be noted that the firm claims the first use of small batteries in quartz clocks, in 1976.

I still have many questions I would like to have answered about Rhythm, and I hope there are some members out there who have looked into this company. My questions revolve around the use of the term "watch" in the company title, and I have also read that the firm did/does sell watches. Could someone explain to me whether Rhythm ever actually manufactured watches and if they didn't then whose watches did they sell - perhaps they were made by Citizen. I would also like to know if Rhythm ever made mechanical watches in their early days.

Any and all information would be gratefully received.

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Very interesting AW, and looking at the company website, they mention watches, but in passing. The Great South American River website has a Rhythm clock for sale for £60.


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