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Skx031J Mods, Crystal, Bezel

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Hi all,

Recently bagged this fella, relatively happy. My first Seiko diver and my first auto. Keeping ok time with about 7 seconds a day fast over my eco drive.

Anyway, Im mulling over the idea of changing the crystal and bezel myself. I might add all I've ever done before is change a battery so I'm in deep and would appreciate pointers. Im a fairly mechanically minded fella and can monkey see monkey do so hopefully I don't make a balls of it so feel free to shout.

First off here's the piece




From digging about I'm pretty sure the bezel is not original, it should look like this


The bezel does not click along quite like I reckoned it should its a bit jerky and not so keen on counter clockwise movement which I believe it should be able to do. The seller mentioned it was changed...

So first off I want to change that. Original would do but I spy some lovely ceramic ones, anyone anything to add re doing this? Any pitfalls to the job or going ceramic?

I've read up on this and I think I should be ok to do this (pride before a fall eh lol)

Next up is the crystal. At a glance head on its grand but its shagged from what I assume was a poor attempt at a polish job.



Hilariously, when confronted about the description not matching condition the seller denied any knowledge. Supplied pics and he said it didn't go out like that and any refund would be pending him examining the watch. I wasn't about to post it back to him and accuse me of doing it and keep the watch and refuse my refund. Anywho let that be a lesson to me for buying off you know where..

From researching it a crystal press is what I'm after. Are the ebay ones for about 20 pounds up to the job? I could probably do it in my vice but at that price the right tool for the job is my thinking?

Read the guide on removing the 7s26 movement and it seems straight forward as does fitting the crystal. Should i consider heating the case gently on a radiator and cooling the crystal in the fridge before fitting?

I have silicone grease that will do the seal too but any areas to be concerned with that I'm overlooking?

Lastly this where Im falling into difficulty... sourcing the parts.

I want to find somewhere selling a sapphire domed crystal with AR coating. I understand there's issues with gaps on the bezel when doing this but I'm ok with that so long as its not too bad.

Anyone done this?

Where did you get the crystal?

Where can I find out the specs on what sapphire ar coated will fit a SKX031J, bezel too?

Gaskets/O rings too would be good.

Thanks a million in advance for any advice guys and sorry of this info is already here, just didn't stumple across it.


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Oh yeah, the lume is not great. Well it ok in so far as it glows great in the dark but its slightly visibly faded in daylight to look at.

From painting my models I'd dare say I have a relatively steady hand, is it doable for a newbie?

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Gaskets, o-rings and standard crystal - Cousins.

Sapphire crystals not so sure - SKX007/9 are more common. Try Yobokies (Google him).

I've replaced crystals with no special tools - cloth over a beer bottle end, watch over it and large socket set end over the watch (take the bezel off first) - quick tap with a mallet pops it out no problem.

I've put crystals back in with a vice, some wood and some socket bits to put the pressure in the right place.

Good luck!


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Just realised your post says 031 and not 013.

Yobokies does domed sapphires - I put one in a SKX031. Your taste may vary but I have to admit I was a bit underwhelmed.

For bezels you can use Alpha sub inserts - approx $10 direct from Alpha China website. (They do a nice green one if you want to do a Rolex homage).

Also take a look at aftermarket hands - again for the Rolex look you can put Merc style hands on etc.

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Retronaut, thanks a million for this info!

I will look into Cousins and Yobokies. I also found this chap

and from him this company


It looks well in the vid but im interested in your point of view about the aesthetics. If I were picky (which I am) theres a lot of light flare round the edge of the crystal in a lot of pics I see with domed lenses... Mmm maybe a coated sapphire flat lens is what I need.

Great info on the Alpha sub inserts thanks, Il trawl them.

In the interim I 400 grit sanded my crystal flat after removing the bezel and polished it up.

Its better than it was but not perfect, pics to follow.

Also theres a slight depression/hole in the seat for the bezel on the case that I thought should have had a wee ball bearing in to provide the click. It was not there but had a small bit of something jammed in. Might account for the jerky rotation of the bezel.

In the interim the silicone grease has freed it up nicely in both directions. Used my vice and two pieces of wood to re seat the bezel.

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Yeah, they certainty have a stock of parts!

I think I'd like to keep this watch mostly stock looking bar the strap. What drew me to it was how it had no bells and whistles on it, kinda classy, well to my eye anyhow.

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