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W A R N I N G ! ! W A R N I N G ! ! Huge Watch Cont

Mechanical Alarm

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Been waiting for this since Feb/March. I've eluded to it in a few posts and it finally made it! New Arrival and I am Absolutely Ecstatic!

Door jams - BEWARE!

Have not seen anything posted on here for these but I pre-ordered mine back in Feb/ March. It is the Helberg CH1 and it is not for the faint of heart... Or Wrist!

I absolutely love it and have had an extremely hard time keeping my mouth shut about it coming. For those that are not familiar... it is an homage to the Rolex Deep Sea Special which made the most incredible journey on Trieste down to the Challenger Depth (36K feet!) back on January 23rd, 1960. As everyone knows, that particular watch is made out Unobtainium with only 2 examples existing, and therefore only in my dreams. I guess that would be the ultimate Grail - one you will never possess no matter how many zeros are in your financial portfolio.

1st the reveal... then the "Normal Shots"...:







Since limited to pix uploads, please see Part Deux - for "The Money Shots"...:

They did warn me when I ordered it with the huge spherical dome sapphire crystal, that it could distort the watch face but they were working on a couple of designs to cut that distortion down. You know what? It isn't that bad and I just don't care! It is easy to read the dial even at a ~45° angle. You are all probably chomping at the bit for the specs, so here they are:

Case Dia: 41mm (meh)

Bezel Dia: 42mm (meh)

Movement: SWISS ETA 2824

Lug Spacing: 22mm (meh) [these dim's are needed to maintain the proportions/ratio of the original watch]

Crown Diameter: 9mm (oh yeah!)

(You better be sitting down for the next three specs...)

Case Thickness: 27.2mm!! [i just realized some of my vintage case Width/Diameters, are not this big!]

LTL Distance: A whopping 57mm!!

Weight: ~330gms (w/bracelet)!!

Limited Edition of 150 each in SS (316L) and 150 in Bronze (CuSn8)

These specs are a little impressive as well...:

- Water resistant 600 atmos. / 6000 meters / 19685 ft. with optional spherical sapphire glass and closed case back. (The way I ordered this one - I wanted it as close to the original as possible)

- Antimagnetic: 70.000A/m. with closed case back.

- Inside AR coated / anti scratch sapphire crystal.

- 120 position bezel.

- Stainless steel bracelet with micro adjustment. (Brown leather and black leather straps were also included)

The Biggest, Baddest, Sapphire crystal in all of the land! Overall height with the solid SS closed back will be 27.2mm (just measured mine @ 27.4mm!)!! Let that sink in a minute. Hold a ruler up to your wrist - I did!

3 ¾ MILES DEPTH Rating (6 Kilometers)! !

Please see Part 3 for the comparison.

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Now for a little comparison -- the real one - Where it all started...:




and the Helberg (have to get some shots with the bracelet on)....:



You can hardly tell the difference, huh? Herr Helberg is going to be traveling to several different museums and finding the rarest timepieces in existence and start to do the same thing with others. I would love to have their entire collection, if this is any indication! I am loving the reflections I get off of that crystal!

You can hardly tell the difference, huh? I like the modern twist he took on it to make it his own. Herr Helberg is going to be traveling to several different museums finding the rarest timepieces in existence and start to do the same thing with others. I would love to have the entire collection..., if this is any indication!

FYI: There is also a bronze case version, also a 'normal' double dome sapphire crystal, a leather or rubber strap available, a more sterile bezel, and a different chrome hand and dial set for those of you that are not quite so radical. Of course the specs would change drastically as well.

Whew... Put a fork in me, I think I'm done - except for Part 2 (then 3..., I'm outta control)!

Thanx for hanging in there,


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I merged the threads having three running didn't do justice to this monster!

Thanx JoT... I don't know why I didn't think of that. The headers got cut off and it looked pretty weird and would be opened in the wrong order... thanx again!

If you shake it do you see snow falling?

I've noticed that it does create it's own weather system.

Too Funny!


Thank You :D ! !

Thank you for sharing it is absolutely mind blowing the spec on that work of art. Would love to get my hands on one but lottery numbers yet again have failed me.


What is it..? Looks great...

Helberg CH1

Very nice Robert, well done for having the balls to go for it. I didn't take the gamble and am kinda wishing I did now!

Thanx Lee! I don't think it's too late, just saying...

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lovely homage to an iconic watch :thumbup: :thumbup:

Thank you, I agree :D :D ! !

Interesting but i could not see myself wearing it but if it floats your boat and it obviously does.Enjoy it.

My boat is fully floated with this, thank you ! ! !

Awesome looking piece, enjoy.

Thanx ! !

Mmmm.... sorry but to me it looks like a paperweight.

And the problem with that is...??? No weight belt needed.

Thanx everyone for your comments...

Have A Happy New Year Guys & Gals ! ! !

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