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Swiss Army Brand - Advice Needed


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Hi everyone, at 13.47 on 21.12.96 (I know as I have the receipt :D), I bought a Swiss Army Brand Delta watch from Mappin & Webb in Kingston. It set me back the princely sum of £305, but I was a happy bunny as I really liked the watch.

Years go by and it took a few knocks and it eventually played 2nd fiddle to others. Mappin & Webb stopped selling them and couldn't help me with a replacement strap. Likewise the Domed, supposedly hardened crystal acquired a few noticeable scratches. I now want to put it back to it's original glory.

I thought I'd have no trouble getting info from the net, but it appears that the brand has completely disappeared almost as if it had never existed. My only clue is that in the warranty, it lists under Switzerland, 'The Forschner Group' under the heading, 'Swiss Army Brand Worldwide Service Centre'

From a search on the net, it appears that Victorinox once had connections to Forschner (licensing?), but this has now ended. I also learnt that Wenger, who also produced Swiss Army knives and watches, were taken over by Victorinox in 2005. So, if I'm correct, that meant that at one stage, there were three separate companies all producing Swiss Army Watches?! All three have slightly differing logos, whilst maintaining a white cross in a red shield of sorts.

So, my questions are, does anyone know anything more about my 'Swiss Army watch' and is the above reasonably correct? I can only find a replacement strap that looks legit (it was a light brown originally) on ebay, with the seller in the US, would I be safe in assuming this would be genuine? Lastly, the domed crystal is quite pronounced, if I took it to a reputable watch specialist, would they be able to source a replacement crystal, even if not from the Brand? I would also be seeking a thorough service as well.

Some photo's below, not very good as my current camera is not really geared towards 'macro' shots. I've tried to show the package the watch came in, the domed crystal (and flexible lugs, which I really like) and a general photo of the watch. The dial is fine, the marks are on the crystal.

I think that's all - many thanks for any help.


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Victorinox are Swiss Army - they have been using both names for about 130 years. Recently Swiss Army seems to have been phased out in favour of the founding title.

'Swiss Army' watches underwent a huge change about ten years ago - upgraded all materials and moved to a mix of Ronda and ETA Swiss movements and reverting back to the Victorinox name as a total re-brand.

They are now imported by a company called Burton McCall and their main service agent is Locker, Hull & Thornton in Leicester.

As far as parts - I think you'd be VERY lucky to find an original strap, but a replacement crystal is easy enough (they are not branded - it'll just be a domed mineral crystal off the shelf) and a service is another easy one.

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Okay, thanks for the above replies. It does appear that there has been a tidying up of the brand, which makes sense I guess, although it meant my wee fella suffered as a result.

First stop will be the watch specialist, re: the crystal and who knows, he may just know about the strap?

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thanks' Woody, those photo's are helpful. In that they show that whilst the logo is different to my watch and is what I regard as being associated with victorinox, the brand name isn't used and it's simply known as 'swiss army', confirming what others have posted. Nice watch as well!

And I promise the watch will get some much needed TLC!

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Yes to the above. I have not seen any new Swiss Army-branded watches for a while, so I'm not sure if they're still being made by Victorinox under that name. I understand that Victorinox has now stopped production of Wenger-branded swiss army knives and some other Wenger-branded items, but that Wenger-branded watches - first produced in the 1980s - will continue to be made and marketed under that name.

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