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Chelsea Special Edition Watch - Is It Worth It?


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I'm a lifelong fan, which will probably upset some on here, lol!

Anyway, as a club member, I've just had the details of this watch, made by Rotary, sent to me. Now I know it's going to have an inflated price and I really expected to hate it, but, ahem, I actually quite like what I see. It's a chronograph, which I don't normally go for, but as a 'club watch', it's not exactly OTT, with some nice touches. The case is 40mm and comes with either a bracelet or black leather strap, which is growing on me. The movement is described as 'Swiss made quartz chronograph'.

What do you guy's think, club loyalties / views aside (well at least try :D), okay at the price or a complete rip-off?

Watch details here:


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Just for a laugh I bought my Dad this watch on ebay, for the princely sum of 3 quid (I think it was just about worth that much :lol: ) :


He's a big Arsenal fan, bless him, but didn't like it when they moved to the Emirates stadium because apparently it hasn't got the same atmosphere as Highbury, hence the "end of an era" being quite relevant :D Interestingly, it doesn't mention Arsenal anywhere, so I assume it's not an official item from them.

As far as the OP goes, other people's views are irrelevant, if you like it then go ahead and buy it - Just don't expect it to be exactly the same watch as the players' version, because I'm pretty sure it won't be (typical that they earn £100k a week and don't even have to buy their own watches!)

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Is the bracelet solid end links? Wondering why the hell there is a £100 premium for the bracelet version?

Call me a cynic but even on a bracelet it looks like a £150 watch so if you're happy paying the extra for the association then only you can decide that.

All it say's is:

Stainless Steel 5 Link Adjustable Bracelet

Deployment Clasp with Chelsea Crest

But looking at a blow up of the photos I don't think they are solid.

Nor sure when I can find out more? I knew a premium would be loaded, as stated in my OP. I'm sure what I'm paying extra for is the Chelsea connection and the finish. Am I happy with that - hmmmm?

Thanks for the feedback, I'll let you know what I do!

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Regardless of which club you support they are just tapping in on your loyalty for another quick buck. £400 could buy you a used watch of far better quality. Football with the heart watches with the head and don't mix the two.

The quality of the watch seems to be much better than Rotary's usual offerings. Its swiss made (rather than the dodgy 'Established Swtizerland' crap). £300 (for leather strap version) for a swiss chrono, even if it is quartz, isn't bad value for money.

That said, the design is incredibly derivative, it doesn't even try to distinguish itself from a speedmaster.

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