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Am I Wrong To Automatically Avoid Sellers From India And Singapore Whe


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My purchases from India have been questionable.

Arrived quickly and well packaged, but they always claim 'recent professional service'. I'd question that!!

2 of them need a tap to get then running and one stops after half hour, the other looses an hour a day. Opening then they are dirty to the naked eye!

Any one see guy Martin in India? I'll never buy from India again. 'That'll do' isn't good enough for me.

New purchases might be ok, but used I'll avoid like the plague.

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Over the last few months I have bought several items from different sellers posting from India. I remembered this thread so thought I'd share my experiences.

All were good, I got what I paid for in good time and EVERY single purchase was incredibly well packed (I think they could have been thrown out of the plane and hit the ground without damage!).

I would have no more worries buying from India than anywhere else, TBH I am more concerned about a package due from American seller as it appears it will be going through a repackaging company first and the tracking number I have been given is useless.

As to orders from the US, just be aware that sometime late last year, the US Post Office began enforcing what was always their stated policy, which was that except for the most expensive shipping options, "international" tracking only works for shipments to Canada (!!!)

So if you see a US seller send you a tracking number, I would simply view it as validation that the item has been sent and that the seller was provided with a unique tracking number from USPS ... other than that, it's going to be useless, but not due to any fault on the seller's part.

As to buying from around the world, I would just comment that I've had great buys from India, Thailand, Mexico, Peru, Singapore, etc, etc. and I've had terrible experiences from within the US and from Europe, so as ever, gross over-generalizations do nobody any good ...

That said, when dealing with Asia (India and South Korea in particular, in my experience) DO be wary of re-dials ... even when they're well done, you generally have to read the fine print AND combine that info with your knowledge/gut feel ... if it looks wrong, it probably is ...

Which leads me to my final suggestion -- if you're not really comfortable with your knowledge level about a particular watch or brand, e-bay's probably not the place to be shopping until you've garnered some of that knowledge ... and you'll STILL get burned occasionally. :wallbash:

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I've never bought from India. but I have bought new, Chinese watch components - movements, cases, dials, hands, etc. - from Hong Kong, and always had excellent service with good communication and prompt (and often free) delivery.

For the price, they've been good value - not superbly engineered, I'll grant you, but serviceable.

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