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Seiko Perpetual Calendar 200M Diver

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Hi all,

for whatever reason I've just started to wear ths one again. I've had it years - over 10 by my somewhat dodgy reckoning - & in all that time I don't remember ever having to change the battery. The watch has a 10 year battery so this may end up happening sooner rather than later! The turquoise dial is fantastic & it's nice to see the hands being used on the much newer BFK range of kinetic divers. It's a very comfortable watch to wear as the bracelet's very flexible, I also like the flowing shape of the case. Overall I like it :thumbup:

I'm not sure if it's a particularly rare watch but I don't think I've ever seen another one on the forum & despite looking fairly regularly I've not seen one on Ebay for years now. It may well be a JDM watch but don't quote me on that. The watch has a dolphin on the back of it, instead of the more usual wave, & this indicates that it's part of the Pipin range. Other dial colours available include black, red, white & a dark blue.

Specs of the watch are:

8F35 perpetual calendar movement with 10 year battery.

Stainless steel case.

Excellent lume.

Integrated bracelet with divers extension.

200m water resistance with screw down crown & screw on caseback.

Dimensions are:

Case diam (inc crown) 45mm x lug to lug 50mm x 12mm thick.

Just thought I'd show it off as I'm not sure I've posted pictures of it before - as I say it must be one on the longest serving members of my fairly modest watch collection (I currently have 12).

Thanks for looking :)



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Dear pauluspaolo

I know I have not seen a posting by you so it is nice to comment on something from someone I haven't met on the Forum before, although I see that you are a veteran of the Forum. When I looked at the photograph of the face, My initial reaction was a slightly confused one in that the way the hands are positioned in the photo, telling the time quickly is a bit tricky. Having now seen many Seiko diver's watches pictured on the Forum, I do not remember ever seeing that particular example, and I find it a bit interesting, especially the number sequence on the caseback. Could you tell me what that means, and forgive my ignorance, but what is a JDM watch. And I have never heard of the "Pipin" range - seems such a fairy-tale name for what are heavy-duty Seiko dive watches.

I am not generally a great fan of the diver watch style, but I have seen so many rather beautiful examples on the Forum that I am beginning to fall under their spell. I do find the wide and chunky watches a bit clumsy on my wrist but obviously many men have thicker wrists than I do.

Thanks for showing the watch - always grateful to see other watches on the Forum and learn something new each time.

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The Pipin range refers to a series of divers that Seiko released in association with the free diver Pipin Ferreras. There were various models with different movements (though all were quartz/kinetics I think), case styles & stainless steel/titanium cases. There are too many to go into here, & to be honest I don't know much about them anyway, they're very collectible though & there's a fair bit about them online.

JDM = Japanese Domestic Market, basically meaning the watch isn't released woldwide so potentially harder to find, this is probably much less of a problem these days with the internet, online retailers, watch forums etc.

The numbers on the back of the watch indicate the battery renewal date. The watch has the serial number of 990479 which indicates a production date of September 1999. What may not be apparent from the photo is that there's a punch mark/dot over the "08" mark (between 07 & 09 in the sequence of numbers) meaning the battery should be replaced in 2008, which is 10 years after the watch was made. Presumably whoever replaced the battery would make/should've made a new punch mark over the new battery renewal date - the numbers start at 06 & go up to 26. The original battery must have been replaced at some stage, as it'd be 15 years old by now, but I can't remember doing so! The 8F35 is an extremely good/accurate movement & in my experience the watch keeps superb time & has been superbly reliable as it's been ticking away - whether in the watch box or on my wrist - for years now :D

There's a bit more info about the movement in this link: http://www.thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=9334

Hope this helps :thumbup:

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hi very very nice not seen one of them thanks for showing us i do like watches i have not seen and if its a seiko diver even better,all the best woody

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