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Have You Ever Fallen In Love With A Digital Watch

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I rarely ever buy digital watches although I do have some in my collection for reference purposes. To be honest, I do prefer analogue watches to their digital counterparts but today, I decided to scour the internet to see if there were any digital watches out there that I really liked, and I mean REALLY liked.

As I looked through the various images and descriptions of various digital watches, I began to lose hope a bit. I know that there is a dedicated following for certain very good digital watches by Casio and I do like a few Casio models, and a couple of elegant square/rectangular-cased Braun models rather took my fancy. However, as I continued looking, my senses were suddenly assaulted, in a good way, by a great-looking digital watch with a great name - the Citrus Slice. It immediately became my favourite watch of the search.

And here it is, in all its glory (pic from trendhunterstatic.com):


This watch was designed by Carl Allen in 2010, and it is extraordinary in that instead of being a digital watch per se, this model is actually a mechanised digital watch whereby it is a mechanised operation that changes the displayed time using seven different panel for each number. It works basically by the means of having a group of 7 panels for each number, and to get the appropriate digit displayed, certain of these panels recess into the watch face, leaving the side walls visible because they are in a contrasting colour. I'm afraid that no further technical details seem to be available that are quickly found online but someone out there might know about the actual power source and movement used.

I genuinely love this watch not only because of the fun and clever use of mechanical and digital techniques, but also because the whole watch is so beautifully designed, including the strap and bezel - it is very sleek and chic.

So, how much will this watch set you back? I'm sorry to report that the Citrus Slice and its close relatives in other sidewall colours including white and blue, were destined never to reach full-scale production as apparently no manufacturer took up on the idea. Oh well, you can't win 'em all, but I am rather sad that this one vanished into the ether. BUT, if anyone out there knows different, then please spill the beans!

And now to your choice of favourite digital watch, with a few reasons for making it. I do hope members will respond and I thank you in advance for posting some great digital only watches on this thread. And remember. NO COMBINATION DIGI/ANA WATCHES ARE PERMITTED.

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It is my aim to eventually add a really nice vintage LED. But it has to be the right one as I'm so fussy about case shape and size. I saw one the other day on t'bay that is either identical or very similar to one I had years ago. Round crystal with two small metal touch buttons. I must admit that I never thought I would ever see one of those come up but I didn't buy it because somehow it didn't seem as special as I had remembered.

Other than that, I've had a couple of Suunto watches and may yet add an Elementum on metal bracelet if the mood ever takes me.

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The Casio MTB-930 is my most worn watch and for good reason. It is comfortable, solar, stopwatch, waterproof, robust and only really lacks a countdown timer.

I brush the scratches from the bracelet and clasp from time to time and considering it is 2 years old and worn most days it stands up pretty well to the abuse I give it, unlike the Timex Ironman above... which did not in less than 2 years. In terms of durability I have had better success with Casio G's than Timex Ironmen in the past.

I would wear a digital with a suit easily if it looked "dressy" and not like most G-Shocks, it just depends on the particular piece.



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When I was a school boy, back in the 70's, digital was the new technology. LED calculators and watches were launched and were 'all the rage'. I desperately wanted a silver and bracelet equipped Accurist LED watch that was regularly advertised on TV. It was obviously too expensive for my folks to buy at the time. But, that Christmas, they got me a Boots own version of the same watch. It was very similar indeed. I absolutely LOVED it! And recently found it again! Took it to a jewellers for a new battery to be tried but sadly, it didn't work. I'll post photos of it as soon as I can.

If anyone knows someone who may be able to bring it back to life PLEASE let me know. I'd wear it again tomorrow!

For that reason, I still love digital watches as much as analogue.

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Yes. I loved my 1st digi as a lad. It was a very simple affair with time, date & month and seconds. It also had an alarm which fascinated me & a light. It was s/s with bracelet. I remember it had the name SAXON on it, probably bought off a stall on a summer market. Yes, love it was, I even slept with it on.

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collected this morning, not love perhaps but i wouldn't kick her out of bed for farting :lol:


had this watch head before (a freebie or i won it or something, and it went out as a freebie due to the velco strap which i couldn't be doing with)

the nice soft chunky rubber strap on this model is pretty good though :thumbup:

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Many many thanks everyone - what a marvellous response and so many beauties, and uglies to choose from.

Yes, dear Jeremy, as I thought when I posted the topic at the beginning of the thread, my wonderful Citrus Slice was only ever a concept.

But onwards and into the fray that is the wealth of pics and comments made, that are so interesting. Thanks dear artistmike for giving chris.ph a slap on the wrist for trying to sneak in that Omega ana/dig. Only digitals are allowed on this thread, I'm afraid, but no bother as there are some real crackers among them. If I was going to choose a few to fall in love with then I would say that three do stand out. First and foremost, it has to be that beautiful and simple Omega LED example shown by BondandBigM, and then, in its box, by martinzx. But hot on its heels is the wonderful blue-faced Gruen shown by Silver Hawk - what a georgeous example that is. In third place, I am going to choose the round Casio watch shown by JBW because it is so unpretentious and without all the protective armour that goes with so many modern LCD watches.

Having chosen my three favourites, I must also make mention of wookie for showing his display of digital watches - it did make want to get up close and personal to some of them. And a special mention needs to be made to Tony M, who I trust is not wanted for a crime against watches that might result in fingerprint recognition being used on his photograph. :lol:

You have all given me a great deal of pleasure on this thread, so thanks again.

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You've already summed up the thread nicely, but I'd still like to contribute this 70s mechanical digital watch:


Stowa_Digital_02small by wotsch2, on Flickr

I've been wearing it non-stop for the last couple of weeks since getting it back from service and I'm really enjoying it.

Beauty or ugly? For me, the former.


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