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Vintage Definiton? Poll


For RLT purposes at what age is a watch vintage?  

37 members have voted

  1. 1. For RLT purposes at what age is a watch vintage?

    • 10 years and over
    • 20 years and over
    • 30 years and over

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Any of them. A watch might be considered to be 1990's vintage, 1980's vintage etc. etc.

However, I would say that, as you go back in time, the first really marked difference in style/fashion occurs when you reach the 1970's. So if by vintage you mean "old" or "antiquated" I'd say around 30 years plus smile.gif

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re what i said else where before I saw this poll blush.gif

Vintage is a pointless phrase on it's own. 50's vintage or even 90's vintage works but too many people mean different things by the word, as can be seen by the need for a poll.

It just means not new AFAIC.

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Maybe there should be a more logical way of describing older watches as there is with old cars?

I think we should include the term "antique" into this equation? Many of us own some very old and worthy watches, after all.

Veteran, up to twentyfive years old but over ten years old, ten years is not old for a watch. nono.gif

How old is your fridge? laugh.giflaugh.gif Mine is at least ten years old. blink.gif I don't consider it vintage, I don't even consider it. laugh.gif

Vintage, over twentyfive years old, that seems a good range.

Antique, over fifty years old and older. Anything over fifty years old is certainly antique, I know that from experience. wink.gifbiggrin.gif

Just some thoughts from an antiquated watch lover. wink.gif

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That sounds interesting.

Just for fun wink.gif I reckon there are five identifiable eras for watches:

1. Pre-1930 - watches 75+ years old. This is the Antique era.

2. 1930's and 40's - watches 56-74 years old, deemed Olden (or "old'un" laugh.gif) or Veteran.

3. 1950's, 60's and 70's - watches 26-55 years old are from the Vintage or Classical era.

4. 1980's and 90's - 6-25 year old watches are Recent.

5. 2000 to the present - Watches up to 5 years old are Modern

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I can't remember exactly, but I think in the Oxford English Dictionary it specifies that "vintage" as applied to cars means pre-1930.  Or something like that anyway; I don't have a copy to hand in order to check.

In the motorcycle world:

Veteran : pre 1915

Vintage : 1915 - 1930

Post-Vintage : 1931-1945

Post-War / Classic : 1946 - approx 1966

Jap Crap : post 1967

I'm sorry, no way can a watch made in the 1980s or the 1970s be classed as "vintage" taz.gif

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It's all about booze really...

Most definitions of vintage are derived from the growing of grapes and relate to wines made in a particular season. It can also mean something of high quality and "Of it's time".

Vintage -

Made more than a year ago (?)

Good quality

The style reminds you of the year/era/decade etc it came from

Since there are no International standards for "Vintage" it can be whatever you think it is.

I'm now more confused than when I started to think about it.

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'Antique' is easy. The legal definition is 100 years. It was used for taxation in times gone by, 'antique' objects had different taxable values when sold or inherited. I doubt many people here have an 'antique' watch...

'Vintage' is different kettle of fish. The word comes from winemaking (VIN-tage, obvious when you think about it!). It's just the year the wine was made. It is possible to buy a bottle of '2004 vintage' wine.

Therefore theoretically it is perfectly acceptable to sell a watch as a '2003 vintage'. It doesn't have to be of any particular quality or desirability. Let's face it, many of the watches we consider 'vintage' from the 40's or 50's were nothing special in their day.

The word vintage has been used erroneously in relation to everything from cars to watches to aeroplanes to lawnmowers. Strangely it is usually applied to mechanical objects. You don't see a 'vintage teaset' very often.

'Retro' is a tricky one. My understanding is that it means something that mimics a recently bygone age ('retrospective', to look back). A watch copying (or even inspired by) a 1970's one would be retro. A watch made in the 1970's would not be retro.

So what do we call our old watches? They're (usually) not antiques, they're not vintage (unless you specify the year) and they aren't retro. Why not just list 'em by the decade they were made, or just call 'em by the good old fashioned term... 'OLD'.


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