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I was doing a casual trawl through Amazon looking for cheapy watches, as I enjoy doing, when I came across a watch that seems to have an "Unknown" maker and is being sold by a company called Grand Prix Legends. The watch is a simple military style mechanical automatic with manual wind and costs about £129.

There is one review, and that is a good one, even though the guy did have to return the first example due to a fault, perhaps caused in transit from the UK to Denmark.

This watch interested me as did the name Frank Bullit. I believe that he is the detective in the film, Bullit, with Steve McQueen, and it is usually Steve McQueen's dress in this film that we celebrate and not Frank Bullit's. I believe that there are other Frank Bullit items of clothing for sale but i am not sure if there is any actual company called "Frank Bullit".

I would be most interested if anyone could give me some info about the Frank Bullit watch, which I presume is not of European manufacture. Also I would like to know more more about Frank Bullit and his role in the film, as I am not a great film buff.

By the way, and nothing to do with this topic, did anyone see the long version of Betty Blue in the original French, shown recently on Film 4? What a beautiful and terribly sad film.

Thanks everyone for your help.

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It looks like a lot like a late 60's early 70's S army watch by either Benrus or Hamilton (I think that some other companies made them also). As for the remake I can't say who makes it.

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Thanks everyone - interesting replies. I still don't quite know who Frank Bullit was butb I presumen he was the fictional lead detective pitched against Steve McQWueen inn the film, "Bullit".

A special note to it'salive jim here because you have encouraged me to look at a section opf the Foprum which I have actually NEVER looked on before. I suppose that I am generally not a military watch collector, but I realise how silly not to lookm on this section is this is because many "civilian" watches are stylistically based on military watches or at least have some military influence in their design/manufacture. So thanks for that, and I will take a look at that section today.

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Dowsing might be correct

Not sure if I misunderstand the question , but Steve McQueen played Frank Bullit in the film

Re: Steve's watch in Bullit??

by Harvey Mushman » Thu Mar 05, 2009 7:11 am

I am led to belive that the watch that was worn by Frank Bullitt is a Benrus DTU-2/AP MIL-W-3818B.

Good luck Harvey.

Harvey Mushman


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I am on the lookout for a Bullitt Benrus, and although modelled on the military watch, I believe it was a civilian 3061 and I first read about it here: https://wornandwound.com/review/affordable-vintage-bullitt-benrus/


Annoyingly I passed up on a genuine March 1964 Benrus military issue watch, with parkerised case and original crown, from a UK seller about a year ago.  I thought it was a bit steep and the chap would not take an offer.  Anyway, by the time I dithered it had been sold, and they are now regularly fetching twice what I considered 'steep', so the vendor was obviously right to hold out.  The point about the crown is that it has a split stem, and the original crown has a dimple to identify when it is in the correct orientation for withdrawal (the back does not come off, it is a front loader).


The Frank Bullit watch was 'just' a homage, and should have a red tipped second hand.  Still quite cool altjough no longer available when I checked.

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