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Repairing Water Damage



I have a Seiko 7002 watch which recently filled up with swimming pool water when I forgot to take it off.

The watch didn't cost me all that much, and so rather than send it for repair I have decided to have a go at stripping it down and repairing it. I suspect I'll probably end up breaking something, but I suspect I might learn quite a bit if I take is slow and careful.

The watch has a couple of light rust spots appearing on a couple of visible movement parts, but they don't look very well advanced.

I've found some disassembly guides on-line, and a manual for the movement here http://www.thewatchs...nuals/7002A.pdf

However, I'm not sure what I should be doing to try and remove any damage, and what to do to lubricate things if I get it apart.

Can anyone advise, or give me some useful pointers to information.

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So, is the watch not running anymore?

(I assume not)

Some of the 'rust' damage will be cosmetic only (i.e. it will look bad but it won't be the reason the watch isn't running, or won't keep time).

You will need to strip it down, and carefully clean each part (of the movement) - an ultrasonic cleaner is best for most parts.

Also rodico, and possibly something to clean the hairspring / balance (I started using lighter fluid but recently bought some essence of renata which does a better job)

Once cleaned you'll need to re-assemble and oil - for this you'll need one or more oilers and oil (I am using moebius synt-a-lube 9010).

The guide indicates where to apply oil.

You'll also obviously need screwdrivers, tweezers and some form of magnification.

I know from experience that whilst this isn't impossible it is tricky - I started on a 7005 and a 7009 and have recently been working on the 6309. All very similar to your 7002.

I strongly recommend you take lots of pictures, a) so you can post them here if it goes well but B) more importantly to refer to when you're trying to get things back together.

Its great fun, but can be frustrating and at times disheartening.

But, if/when you get the movement working again you'll feel like a proud parent and the watch will mean that much more to you.

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