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Something New Has Caught My Attention.


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My obsessive nature has gripped another hobby stroke money pit, so a minor watch cull is happening at the moment.

I'm on the quest for deactivated World War 2 hand guns.

I already have a deactivated 1943 Russian rifle, but that's a bit too big and cumbersome, so pistols and revolvers it is.

I've always had an interest in hand guns, never fired one mind you, but that's not the point.

So I'm on the verge of buying a Walther P38 and the cull should get me the conkers to purchase a Luger.

I've already bagged a Russian Tokarev.

Talking of the Tokarev...

Wife's been constantly asking me what I wanted to Xmas for weeks now, been the same for the last 15 years or so. I never really tell her and end up with all sort of crap. so this year after my request for a Squirrel was turned down flat, I asked for a deactivated Russian Tokarev TT33, I showed her the web site to order it from and let her get on with it.

Yesterday it turned up (2 days after order, great service), and I asked if I could look at it, she refused and said it was for Christmas. Fair enough, but I said what if it's the wrong one!?

She still refused, but as a teaser she opened the package a bit to show me the barrel, and said.... Here you can look at the spout. :wallbash:

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I've always had an interest in hand guns, never fired one mind you, but that's not the point.

That's like having a car and never driving it.. :D Seriously though, it's worth joining a gun club if you're developing a real interest. You'll get some great advice from other members and actually using firearms is a great way of learning about them and appreciating the technical aspects of various models and you'll see some great handguns at club level..

I've used various weapons during my military and civilian life, even firing some antique black powder guns at a club, which was a real eye-opener ! :shocking: .. It's an interesting hobby to get into and well worth getting to fire a few while you're at it..

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Umm handguns that actually shoot are now banned and have been for a few years for mere mortals outside of the armed services if memory serves. Pistol shooting for fun is no longer an option, r

Yes of course, you're right for civilians, nowadays it's shotguns, rifles or black powder mainly. .. That leaves all the handguns in the hands of criminals then, it's a government initiative so it must be a good idea .. :D

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Umm handguns that actually shoot are now banned and have been for a few years for mere mortals outside of the armed services if memory serves. Pistol shooting for fun is no longer an option, rifles are of course still fine.

you are right padders,but the are a couple of exemptions,one is for humane destruction for which i own a beretta 92 in 9mm for use on the family cattle herd.the other is for small shot pistols in 9mm shot cartridges or .410 shot cartridges.i have a double barrel .410 pistol which is used for vermin destruction around the farm.cheers..greasemonk Edited by greasemonk
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I do quite a bit of target shooting with a handgun in my back garden and in the (very empty) fields around where I live - but it's purely .177 stuff with a gas pistol!

The gas pistol is a replica of a Walther PPK - fairly heavy and solidly made - and great fun if you want to keep up shooting skills in a minor way.

I enjoyed popping away at Bisley with a Bren Gun - many years ago - firing at 3-yard square white plates (taken from the old Ark Royal) at 300 yards. 5 round single shot and then a 15-round burst. The only stupid thing I did was to leave the sleeve of my battledress jacket hanging open - the hot shells ejected straight down them and the gunnery sergeant in charge of the range fell about laughing! (When firing a Bren in the prone position, the left hand rests on top of the barrel, and the shell cases eject to the left).

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P. 38 turned up yesterday and very happy.

It's in a lot better condition than a few I've seen online and was probably £150-200 cheaper!

I've done a bit of rainy day research today and have come up with a few things.

First off is that she's a "Russian capture" example.

She has been "dipped". Dipped means the Russians dipped them into some sort of black crap to help "preserve" them, and has Russian "X" stamp.

Serial 8500 seems to be constant (or just the 500) where it should be, magazine is not though. Photo below might explain why the mag is not matching :D

Wartime cyq gun 1942-45 made in the Spreewerk plant in Hradek and Nisou located in Czechoslovakia, also has the Eagle over an 88 stamp, also indicating Spreewerk built.

I would say the dates are more 1944/45 as the machining is rougher than early models.







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really enjoying this thread and the photo's of the guns,has inspired me to take a pic of some of mine,its not a good photo but the guns are =top circa 1900 dutch east indies 9.4mm revolver [section 58] next down is circa 1910 browning automatic m1903 in 9mm long[section 7-1] and bottom 1884 french service revolver m1873 in 10.4mm calibre [sect 58].............


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Yet smooth bore is easy to licence as a shotgun. Crazy. I've never had anything live firing but have air pistols and rifles and shotguns 12, 20 and 4/10, but don't see why responsible vetted people can't own and use what ever they wish within as long as they do it safely and in a safe environment.

Most people on here own a 1500kg 100mph projectile, if you want to hurt people that's the way to do it! Crash a mondeo into a crowded bus stop.

Government are stupid.

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I think it was the newly elected Bliar government that imposed a full ban with the help of the snowdrop appeal. The conservatives had said anything over .22 would be banned ,so the sport would have still been viable ish.

Can you still buy handguns if you live in NI?

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Taken last year as I was coming to the end of my contract in Iraq; the ropiest old AK47 ever. Its previous local owner had cut 17 notches into the woodwork.... I nearly bought a Canadian 9mm Browning but it was probably only fit for thumping someone with. Watch content: Luminox F117, still going strong.


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