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James Bond 'Spectre' trailer

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Gotcha James.

Let's go with your idea. Just spitballing: The new James Bond is, well, Jane Bond. A black lesbian in a wheelchair with a Brummie accent.

Not true to the books but what the hell!


Now this is sad but I looked at Honour Blackman as Pussy and all I could see was the Rolex Pepsi. Looks like I'm ruled out for James (sorry Jane) Bond. Time to oil the wheelchair I think.



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The world is a far different place from the Bond novels, I could have told you that in the 1980's.:biggrin:

I wouldn't count on a Jane Bond as a replacement for James, the one's I met were called Mam and they didn't expect me to be less than exemplary. The Mam I served under put me in my place and it served me well.

But that was the decade when we Brits came to understand the threat of terrorism, and how we had to start dealing with it. I left the fray because my mother was terminally ill, I wanted to take care of my family. A story you won't have to read. :wink: 

The British armed (or otherwise) forces are very good at selecting the right people to do a particular job,

I don't have much use for James Bond, other for than a piece of fantastical (or trite) entertainment.:laugh::laugh:






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Still laughing at "properly British, not just Scottish".

I give you Bond.   An obese and freckly Morris Dancer with an aptitude for close harmony singing and a liking for Guinness.

But seriously,     it's the 'old' world style of the first 6 films that makes them the best,  not just Connery and Lazenby.      That stylish feel can never be replicated much the same as the original Star Wars films can never be recreated.

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Yes style. You are right Trigger. Without the style it is nothing but violence + fantasy and does not hold together. No one recognised this better then Fleming himself.

If I could have any item from the films? Lazenby's Aston Martin in 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service.' One should never suffer the 'lust of the eye' for material objects. Quite wrong. However, I come pretty near with that one.

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I accept your valid and interesting points Stan. You mentioned about 'understanding the threat of terrorism.'

Well it is a sad fact that the UK, of all modern states, has had the longest time to understand this threat. With the possible exception of Russia, we have had the longest experience of dealing with it in all its shapes and forms.

Just as an example from old news: '13th December 1867: Premeditated explosion of Clerkenwell house of detention, London, to release Burke and Casey, leading Fenians, at 3.45. (A cask of gunpowder was fired close to the prison wall; Timothy Desmond, Jeremiah Allen, and Ann Justice captured on suspicion).

Consequences of explosion: Six persons were killed 'outright,' six more died for its effects, according the coroner's inquests: five, in addition, owed their deaths indirectly to this means; one woman is in a madhouse, 40 mothers were prematurely confined, and 20 of their babes died from the effects of the explosion on the women; others of the children are dwarfed and unhealthy. One mother is now a raving maniac; 120 persons were wounded; 50 went into St. Bartholomews's, Gray's Inn-Lane, and King's College Hospitals; 15 are permanently injured with the loss of eyes, legs, arms etc; besides £20,000 worth of damage to person and property. - Times, 29th April 1868

It led to the conviction of most of the terrorists involved and the last public hanging in England.

Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose.  

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