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Orange Watch Company Lives on the Watch Forum

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Hi everyone


Thank you to the owner for his kind invitation to join. It is an indeed an honour.


I am Dan and I am responsible for OWC Watch Company or the Orange Watch Company. I am not much for hype or marketing stunts. I am just trying to make some nice watches that a few of you guys may like.


If you have not visited, I have re-worked the website – www.orangewatchcompany.com. Please be kind to me I am an old dog and website design is a new trick for me. Yes there are mistakes and things do not work. I thought if I threw money at these guys I would get some support – how wrong was I.


If you have any questions or want to post some photo please do within the Forum Rules.


I will try and answer any questions as quick and truthfully as I can (without giving away trade secrets.)


My other interests are audio, cars and collecting stuff like pens….my wife thinks I am mad. Yes I probably am as I have 3 daughters under 12 year old and living with 4 women is bound to drive a man to drink… Lucky Orange is becoming famous for cool climate wines. There are about 35 vineyards within a 10 minute drive – yes we are in as they say here: the bush….


Hope to meet you all and have a good chat.



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Is anyone else on here disappointed that the watches aren't orange...? :whistling:

Also, let me be the first to say, how much discount are you offering the members on here? :biggrin:

One final point, it might be my internet connection (I'm working abroad at the moment) but your website is painfully slow mate.

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Thank you.

Not sure about the website – it is not supposed to be slow…. I will check it tomorrow… 8:40pm in wine country….

I do have a glass of the red…if you are into wines, they are nice, not sure how they compare with the Europeans. I am only a poor boy and continue to look for “value”, so I have some old shi# (2005) that I got 10 years ago.

When I start to make some money, there may be room for discounts. Thank you for being so up front.

I did try to update/vary my profile, but failed said I could not…so my profile is missing the vital bits, like I am a bloke and I live in Orange….etc…

Very excited to be here. Thanks


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I've switched to my hotel internet for the evening, and the website seems to load faster now, so my client's internet connection earlier was probably just running a bit slow?  The photos still take a while to appear, like maybe they are too high resolution?  The watches look decent quality, obviously, and it's always nice to see something different from the usual suspects.  Not my cuppa tea though, with their old fashioned non-battery movements inside... :laugh:

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Thanks again and nice to be here.

The “Journey” continues. I am not much of a poster, but will try and keep you chaps updated. Great to see 2 of the older models.

The current release #6 while similar is very different. It is as close to the old Compressor Style of case as I could get without compromising the technical (while most compressors had 2 crowns this is not what maketh the case).

As you see from above my World Timer WT-1884 and there will be my interpretation of the 6538. As for the olde world mechanicals…I did dance with the devil and was “this close” to releasing a quartz chronograph, but the feedback was not right at the time. As I am a small guy this threw a spanner in the works and caused a large delay in production and development. But I am not closing the door on any technology.

Currently waiting on a return email from the case maker about a few things including shortening the bezel screws by 0.4mm

But it is school holidays and as I work from home, it is taking all my strength not to kill the Kinderfocken (I have 3 daughters under 12 years old).


PS….my private email is foxint@foxint.com.au

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My pleasue Dan,

Im sure you will be pleased to know that the watch maker who serviced it was very impressed with the build of the watch. He did advise me to avoid manually winding it though as the its a weak point on the Seagul movement? It was great to hear the nice comments about it though from someone who normally deals with Rolex/Omega



Now here is the special one. Its one of your proto snowflake divers which i lost the original ceramic bezel for :(It doesnt get worn as much as the MilSub but still one that im not in a hurry to part with


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“Michelangelo when we you make an end”

As normal I am waiting on the case maker to return my emails…. “Yes Mr Dan, we are pleased to get your comments and revisions, we will return soon”….at least 2 weeks ago.

We would not want to rush Mr Case-Maker….

To be fair the Swiss have been jerking me around for their mistake of CHF22 that they made on my recent invoice – by the way I paid all but the CHF22 that was the result of a mistake they made (and added to a new revised invoice).

I have 9 Swiss Made watches that are/should/perhaps arrive in the next week or 2 or 3…All are MS-9411 Blue/Blue No date with Soprod A-10. I will do final checks here so I suppose they should be “Orange Made”…ha-ha…. When I am happy I will release them into the wild – no price premium.



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