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Reintroduction of the OWC Case and Models

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The current MilSub is our 6th iteration of the classic diving watch or submariner. Our MilSub is based on these watches from the 1950’s to 1970’s that were used by the British Special Boat Squadron (5517) and the French Navy (9401/9411).

Yes we are lazy designers like Porsche who designed the timeless 911. But we like these watches and thought we could make a better one. We borrowed, stole and modified various designs, theories and practical solutions to solve the continual problem of water resistance.

We distilled the essence of a diving watch, removed all unnecessary elements (particularly from the dial) and added Orange flavour. From release 1 to release 6, the watches became more Orange but never losing their link to the classic enduring designs.

Being an obsessive Enicar collector we have been exposed to the excellent EPSA compressor cases. Although 97% of compressor cases have 2 crowns with cross hatching, “this maketh not” the compressor case. It is the case construction per se.

We tried within financial constraints to make our case fit for purpose – in the words of the Bauhaus “form follows function”. Release 6 is the current evolution of what we see as a diving watch. Here we retained a conservative size of about 41.5mm (including bezel), 51mm lug to lug, 12.9mm thin, and retained the classic 20mm bracelet (albeit non tapering – yes some think it should be tapered).

As we see it, the basis for the compressor case is movement. Our crystal and case back is designed to move towards each other for a more snug fit. Our crystal is sapphire 4.5mm with AR coating. We use SuperLumiNova and O-rings from an industrial maker. The pendant is screwed not press fit for added integrity and of course the crown is screw down. We use torx screws and replaced the less than adequate spring bars with screw bars. We thought the aluminium bezel insert did not age well and having seen worn examples we now use ceramic. These are some of our specifications.

Are we satisfied? We will never be satisfied and will continue to tinker and develop – next year’s watches will have more subtle changes. But we are proud of our prodigy. To paraphrase what commentators say about the 911 - there is not a bad OWC case just different ones.

Our focus begins with individual parts not assemblies. Unlike many, we assemble our case from its component parts, of which we source from different suppliers. We have designed a case that is easy to assemble without complex tools.  

Our current line-up is:

MS-5517 – Vintage; coloured lumen, Black dial NO date, 60min bezel insert (our inspiration R 5517)

MS-5517 – DO; raw C3 lumen, Black dial DATE, 60min bezel insert (our inspiration MS-5517)

MS-9411; raw C3 lumen, Blue or Black dials, 15min bezel insert, (our inspiration T 9401 & 9411).

DW-1001 – Doctors Watch; Only the British and members of the Commonwealth will enjoy this watch. I make no excuses for the DW-1001. Some love it, some hate it, and most do not understand it. This is a totally Orange design in a MilSub case that I made this to celebrate the birth of myself and Doctor Who – we share the same birth date.

Have a look at the website (yes not great, but I did it myself) www.orangewatchcompany.com and send me an email – foxint@foxint.com.au

Thanks for reading and look forward to your visit and your emails.






Hi guys

Sorry new here....I made a mistake....I cannot find the edit option not the preview. I put in the wrong photos........

I meant to put these in:




I am going to leave before I make any more mistakes



Ahhhh - the MS-5517 was right side up???

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