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Can you name all the watches you have owned?

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Here goes, a memory test...its easy for me as I've had little money to spend and only been into watches for 5 years. These are the watches I've owned since the 'hobby' took a hold:)

1) Accurist Grand Prix £49.99

2) Gold Sekonda chronograph £50

3) Roamer Mustang Electronic £115 (bought off a rogue hands fell off)

4) Bulova 96a102 Hack £100

5) Rotary Chronospeed (Chavitimer) £69.99

6) Rotary Aquaspeed second hand £39.99

7) Seiko Chronograph (cat of 9 lives) £110

8) Alpha Planet Ocean £69.99

9) Alpha Paul Newman Daytona £120

10) Parnis Portuguese £89.99

11) Casio Edifice EQB500 £300

12) Longines HC £790

13) Orient Ray £82

14) Pan Homage £89.99 (miles toooooooooooooooo big for me and that is just the strap)

15) Longines Dress watch £75 

16) G Shock 

17) Ball Engineer (trade for the HC, G Shock and EQB)

And the collection as it now stands...



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I remember my first watch, it was a Smiths boys watch. When it no longer told accurate time I think it was replaced by an Ingersoll.

When I got a job, I bought a cheap watch and replaced it if faltered at telling time. My Dad and relations bought me a Timex and Sekonda and they went into the "draw" because I had "better" digital watches I bought from petrol stations.:biggrin: 

That's much the story until the late 1980's, when I saw a Citizen 7 and simply wanted it. I hated that it was being battered at work and retired it, I went back to disposables until I saw the Vostok Neptune. Bad move.:laugh:

I'll post most of the pictures I have of my watches in due course, if I haven't already.

I still have the Citizen 7, I just don't have pictures of it. My Nikon 990 broke, my 'phone has a cr@p camera and having spent years in the photographic industry I don't care much for cameras.:laugh:


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13 hours ago, William_Wilson said:

Fred, Ginger, Bartholomew, Sebastian... No I can't name all of the watches I have had. :tongue:



12 hours ago, Trigger said:

Not a chance.  :D.     It must be 300+.

blimey do you live here? not Mr Trigger Windsor is it?


12 hours ago, Faze said:

I'm not even sure what I have now :(


here i'll help you remember :laugh:


12 hours ago, Rotundus said:

this morning i had a banana and some yogurt for breakfast, yesterday it was weetabix; before that ...? 

it was this  casio_fifa_watches.jpg


11 hours ago, mardibum said:


I think this was your'e finest hour:)


11 hours ago, mach 0.0013137 said:

& he expects us to remember how much we paid for each of them!?! :swoon:

Strange boy!! :wacko::laugh:

I bet a few members are cowering in a corner some where in case their wife sees the cost and they end up in one of these tonight:laugh:


Thats the bloke who bought one of these after 10 pints and told his wife it cost a fiver down't pub. She found out apparently.


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I sure can, as other than 1 I still own them all. I'm not into the idea of flipping. I'll just save up and by the next one :) what was the phrase from Wallstreet, "greed is good" :) i want them all

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I can't go back into the mists of time when I had watches before realising I actually liked watches, but I still have my first watch - a cheapie Oris my dad bought for me when I was at school (it was during an Oris bad period), plus a Cronel, Gisa and Pulsar, all manual wind and now battered and bruised and in need of some serious TLC.

More recently, I have parted with a Christopher Ward Bluebird, Seagull, Damasko DA36 and very recently a Seiko and Tag FI.

I have 9 others, 8 of which I actually wear, which hopefully will be added to shortly.

So not too difficult for me.




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28 minutes ago, Caller said:

I have 9 others, 8 of which I actually wear, which hopefully will be added to shortly.

If only I could count properly! That should read 10 others, 9 of which I actually wear.

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1975 Timex wind up (one of Dundees finest :wacko:)

1977 Seiko 6139 Chrono (still got it)

1982 Casio digital (my one and only so far digital died after 3 years while on holiday in France)

1985 Chinese auto watch (from a French market it lasted nearly 20 years as a work watch)

1988 Sewills Admiralty (still got it)

1991 Fortis Flieger (sold in 2000)

1991 Omega Seamaster quartz diver (sold in 2000)

1993, (1971) Tudor Milgauss (sold in 2000 and still kicking myself)

1996 Oris Big crown (sold in 2000)

2006 Citizen auto diver

2008 (1972) Citizen Parawater dress watch

2008 (1980s) CWC G10 (inherited from my Dad)

2011 Vostok scuba dude amfibian

2013 Sekonda auto

2014 Seiko Bellmatic

2014 Citizen Moondater

2015 Vostok 090 amfibian

2015 Poljot 33 jewel wind up

2015 Seiko 6039 diver

Boy do I regret selling that Tudor Milgauss but as you can tell I was desperate for money in 2000









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All that I can remember, haven't got all of them anymore though!


Orient Symphony auto X2

Orient Galant auto

Orient Mako XL auto

Orient power reserve auto

Seiko 5 auto

Seiko Presage auto

Lorus quartz chrono


Sturmanskie Strela 3133 chrono

Poljot Ruslan 3133 chrono

Raketa big zero 'Glasnost' manual

Raketa hammer and sickle manual

Moscow Time world timer manual


Tissot LeLocle auto

Roamer Rotodate auto


Parnis Marina Militare GMT

...Never turned up

Vostok Amphibia 710 case

Parnis day/night indicator 


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