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  2. TrustPilot is itself a scam website , ALL my negative reviews of other websites were slowly "vanished" over time.... I would never advise anyone to trust trust pilot. Regards the Jeweliana site , looks legit to me and is UK based and not drop shipping so all should be good....
  3. Make sure they check out on trust pilot. I got stung by one website - 'only' 150, but still too much.
  4. Motorola Moto One Vision mobile phone. Ordered it on Monday and was ready waiting for me when I got back this evening.
  5. Dog poo and robot vacuum cleaners, not good, You'd never guess this man was smuggling cocaine,
  6. I squished it back on the display stand to get the centre of gravity back behind the front of the stand. The leather band is quite stiff, so I suspect it gradually un-squished itself causing everything to go pear shaped. I epitomise foolish tinkering - tried to remove a movement from a watch without noticing that the dial (and crystal) are larger than the case back. It is evidently a front loader. 'Luckily' it came out far enough to dislodge all the hands which are now swimming around behind a crystal I can't get off. I have tried blowing it off, but the back blew off instead. Cue Michael Caine. It was the watch I had set aside to practice on, fortunately. Failed! I share your pain. When you fumble it as you remove it from the packaging ... I always unpack over a deep pile rug these days. Hopefully then it doesn't come apart when you drop it; but if it does disintegrate on impact, good luck finding the bits! Is that where they bathe it in alcohol?
  7. Time for another change & for some unknown reason* the Railmaster called to me... OMEGA Railmaster,CO-AXIAL CHRONOMETER, cal.2403 27 Jewels * I blame that IAJ & you know how much I dislike going round half dressed so this Orient had to join in... ORIENT STAR, WZ0311PF cal.597 21 Jewels
  8. Later than normal today. Was wearing this earlier... Now a Pulsar.
  9. Hi So I am looking to buy a new watch and have come across this site www.jeweliana.com They seem to be very well priced and they say all watches are genuine. Anybody had any experience with them?
  10. Arrived today an £8 bargain buy all it needed was a new battery and strap
  11. The worst watch disasters I have had are the result of foolish tinkering, thinking I can do such jobs as replacing the battery in digital watches or removing the movement in a watch to clean the underside of the crystal...
  12. your new watch makes it all the way from Hong Kong in one piece only for you to put the watch on and decide the bin needs to go out without taking it off and scratch the bezel and glass on a brick wall as your arm gets trapped between the bin and the wall!
  13. Thank you to the member who gave the suggestion for the identification of the movement as a Unitas 6360 Ive found pictures and it does look identical and the size fits too so i'll add the link for completeness. https://17jewels.info/movements/u/unitas/unitas-6360/
  14. Thanks guys. I have had another look at the charity shop watch and can affirm that the legend at the bottom of the dial includes the words, "MOVT JAPAN DIAL TAIWAN." The back of the watch has no country of origin stamped on it, unlike my own example which bears the word, "JAPAN." I am pretty certain that the charity shop watch is an early example from the Seiko period of Pulsar. The letter "R" occurs at the end of the legend at the bottom of the dial and is slightly separate from the rest of the text, just as my own 1983-dated Pulsar has the letter, "T" on the dial and very like the legend at the bottom of the dial in the watch I illustrate here above. The only way to check out whether the lume on the charity shop watch is radium-based would for me to purchase it and test it. I certainly would not expect to find radium being used on Pulsar watches in the 2000s, dear @spinynorman, and I agree with you that the letter "R" on the watches you mention is not likely to refer to radium. Thanks also to @scottswatches for the tip about dating Pulsar watches and to @Tazmo61 for that link to the interesting Hodinkee article. Tazmo.
  15. Today
  16. God doesn't wear a watch. He IS time. Having a Rolex, or several, and your monogram embroidered in gold thread on you fleece is clearly inferior to a Seiko (or at least last Sunday it was) You could always cremate your favourite, or least favourite, watch separately and add it to the urn afterwards. Stick it on the BBQ for a bit...job done! You could even ground down the bits in a pestle and mortar. Melted plastic might be a messy though...
  17. you handle a watch in your hands and you drop it. (and sometimes things come apart)
  18. Out of all the Russian watches I've owned my personal favourites are my Poljot 3133 chronograph,and a Zaria with a Poljot 3105 movement. Both are supremely accurate and have 48 hour plus reserve, and super smooth winding action. The humble Pobedas have also proven to be very durable, and can still be bought cheaply. It's always wise to factor in the cost of a service even if buying NOS. The cost of a service can be more than the cost of the watch. I recently had one of my Pobedas serviced, and it runs around plus 3 - 5 seconds/24 hours. I've got some Slavas, and they do feel flimsy by comparison. Poljot "wecker" mechanical alarm watches are also reliable and accurate.
  19. Happens here too...a different businesswoman... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7162909/Air-passenger-stole-travellers-1-000-Longines-watch-Luton-airports-security-scanners.html
  20. Been wanting a true 24-hour watch but had not found any in the price range I wanted to pay. Picked up one of Svalbard's "Arctic Time" from ETSY and the discounted price fit. For the price, was willing to endure the 30M WR. Proving to be accurate, "plain Jane" strap replaced with colorful NATO. Keeping on eye on battery replacement, want to steer away from Renata.
  21. Looks like a Unitas 6360 (or family). Quite a small movement at 8.75''', but no less effective for that. Smart-looking watch, incidentally. Regards.
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